It’s Hump Day not only because it’s Wednesday, but because that’s what Progressives are doing to the country!

HDNR will cover the latest political and cultural news of the day from a unique perspective: 2 hosts, good friends who espouse Conservative world views despite some contrasts and differences.

TamiCroppedTami Jackson is a lifelong conservative, a Christian, the grand-daughter of Norwegian immigrants, born and raised in Oregon.

A native of the state which is now 1/3 third of the West Coast Progressive Trifecta, Tami is a writer, editor and talk show host availing herself of all new media to chase the blues away!

Tami is the co-proprietor and Editor-In-Chief of and the host of the Tami Jackson Show on Tuesday nights on the 405.

The conservative voice from the People’s Republic of New York, Jeff Dunetz is a bit of a fish out of water: a New Yorker, a Jew and a conservative.

Jeff often mixes a dash of shpiel political theory, religion and New York attitude in his  JeffDunetzTwitterpolitical news and commentary which can be found at at his own site,, at, at, and weekly in his political column in The Jewish Star.

Jeff has a quick wit and will ensure HDNR does not suffer a snark deficiency.

Listen and enjoy this Left Coast meets East Coast (or as Jeff says, shiksa meets Jew!) news show: 2 hosts who are very different, and yet very much the same on core values.

Follow Jeff on Twitter at @yidwithlid and Tami on Twitter at @tamij