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  • Dems and Repubs SLAM Secret Service September 30, 2014
    Finally, an issue unites Democrats and Republicans: criticizing the Secret Service. Fallout continued Tuesday from the failure of the agency charged with protecting the president to apprehend an intruder before he was deep into the White House. “I wish to God you had protected the White House like you’re protecting your reputation today,” Massachusetts Democratic […]
    Rachel Stoltzfoos
  • Methane Emissions From Fracking Plummet, But EPA May Impose More Rules September 30, 2014
    Methane emissions from hydraulic fracturing operations, or fracking, fell 73 percent since 2011, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency. A welcome development for President Obama’s climate plan, but one that may not stop the EPA from imposing more regulations on the oil and gas industry. The EPA just released data showing that U.S. […]
    Michael Bastasch
  • Think Tank: Vouchers Have Saved Taxpayers $1.7 Billion September 30, 2014
    The various school voucher programs created around the United States since 1990 have saved taxpayers over $1.7 billion since their inception, argues a new report from a school choice group. With 505,000 vouchers dispersed in that time frame, the total averages out to about $3,400 per voucher student, per year. The report was released Tuesday […]
    Blake Neff
  • Obama’s Own Team Slowing Down Guantanamo Bay Closure September 30, 2014
    President Barack Obama’s well-known campaign promise that he would shutter Guantanamo Bay has run up against the Pentagon’s frustratingly slow approval process, the AirForce Times reports. The delays indicate that the Obama administration might see its last days before Guantanamo Bay does. Only one prisoner this year has been moved out of the Bay and […]
    Jonah Bennett
  • Report: Enviro Lawsuits Enrich Greens, Hurt Endangered Species September 30, 2014
    An increasing number of lawsuits from environmental groups under the Endangered Species Act have been used to bilk taxpayers for millions of dollars in attorneys fees and made it harder for federal officials to fund species recovery programs. A report by the pro-oil and gas Western Energy Alliance (WEA) details how two prominent environmental groups […]
    Michael Bastasch
  • Claim: Global Warming Helped Create ISIS September 30, 2014
    Global warming is not only responsible for causing superstorms and the ebola outbreak, it’s now claimed that global warming helped create the conditions in which terrorists with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria could thrive.
    Michael Bastasch