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  • Report: White House To Release $34 Billion In New Regulations After Mid-Terms July 24, 2014
    In 2012, the Obama administration was heavily criticized for delaying major regulations until after the presidential election. A new report by regulatory watchdogs found that the White House may once again be delaying major regulations that are expected to cost a total of $34 billion.
    Michael Bastasch
  • Minnesota Sues For-Profit Colleges For Misleading Students July 23, 2014
    A new lawsuit in Minnesota accuses a major for-profit college of duping students into spending thousands of dollars on degrees that weren’t accredited for the jobs they wanted. Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson announced Tuesday that the state will be pursuing claims against Globe University and its sister school, the Minnesota School of Business. Swan
  • Seattle Minimum Wage Referendum Effort Fails July 23, 2014
    Forward Seattle announced Wednesday that they failed to collect enough signatures to subject the city’s $15 minimum wage to a November vote. The group, which represents local businesses in Seattle, stated in a press release that they “didn’t qualify its referendum, falling 1,237 signatures short of the 16,510 required to compel the City Council to […]
    Connor D. Wolf
  • Ex-Im Criticized For Lending To State-Controlled Foreign Companies July 23, 2014
    Between 2009 and 2013, the Export-Import Bank of the United States authorized more than $16 billion in loans and loan guarantees to 34 state-owned foreign airlines for the purchase of Boeing aircraft, according to an analysis by Heritage Action. Over the same period, the total value of loans and guarantees awarded by the bank was […]
    Peter Fricke
  • Glenn Beck’s Anti-Common Core Crusade Seeks Test Boycott July 23, 2014
    Glenn Beck wants to bring down Common Core, and wants his followers to pull out all the stops to do it. On Tuesday evening, a special town hall event, “We Will Not Conform,” was broadcast live to nearly 700 theaters across the United States. It follows up on over a year of anti-Common Core rhetoric […]
    Blake Neff
  • EPA Chief Says NY Times Report Was Given ‘Surprising Credibility’ July 23, 2014
    Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy denied Wednesday that environmental lobbyists played an outsized role in crafting the agency’s carbon dioxide regulations. The claim comes from a New York Times article from July 6, outlining how a report authored by influential lobbyists with the Natural Resources Defense Council was used by the Obama admi
    Michael Bastasch