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  • Perry defends Jeb Bush on immigration, blames illegals on permissive ‘come on over’ policies April 23, 2014
    Texas Republican Gov.Rick Perry defended Jeb Bush’s remark that illegal immigration is an “act of love,” claiming he “understands about people breaking a law to take care of their family” — particularly when for decades U.S. policy was “come on over, don’t worry about it.” Perry spoke with Fox News’ Stuart Varney about the former […]
    Brendan Bordelon
  • Report: Nevada Obamacare exchange considered dumping all customers April 23, 2014
    Nevada’s Obamacare exchange and its lead contractor Xerox allegedly discussed dumping sign-ups from its queue and starting over while dealing with serious website glitches, according to documents releasedWednesday. Matthew Callister, an attorney who has filed a class-action lawsuit against the exchange, released anonymous emails allegedly from a Nevada Healt
    Sarah Hurtubise
  • Colorado: Even with legal pot, we’re still better than New Jersey April 23, 2014
    Colorado might still be divided over the issue of legal marijuana, but it was united in its response to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s recent criticism the state. Christie blasted Colorado as a place with “head shops popping up on every corner and people flying in just to get high.” Christie made the comments on […]
    Greg Campbell
  • Federal bank regulators make more than double private sector bankers April 23, 2014
    Private sector bankers are greedy and overpaid, right? Turns out federal regulators overseeing the banks are rolling in the dough too. The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Paul H. Kupiec concluded in a recent report that the average employee of a federal bank regulatory agency received well over two times the average compensation of a private banker. […]
    Breanna Deutsch
  • GOP’s Terri Lynn Land: ‘The real war on women is Obamacare April 23, 2014
    Terri Lynn Land, the Republican Senate candidate in Michigan, continued to push back Wednesday against her opponent’s claim that she is part of the GOP’s “war on women” — telling Fox News “the real war on women is the fact that we have Obamacare.” Land spoke with Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson Wednesday afternoon, after an […]
    Brendan Bordelon
  • E-cigarette industry awaits looming FDA regulations April 23, 2014
    The federal Food and Drug Administration is about to create some steam within the electronic cigarette industry with new regulations monitoring the industry expected to come as soon as this month. Depending on the severity of the regulations, the new rules could have a dramatic impact on the future of the rapidly growing industry and […]
    Breanna Deutsch