The Wrap with Amy and Bruce2It’s Amy Otto and Bruce Carroll with The Wrap!  Every Wednesday 10pm Eastern/ 7pm Pacific  If you missed it, catch the replay here or on ITUNES

Amy and Bruce cover Politics and Culture with featured Guests weekly.

Amy is the Executive Editor at Executive Editor Pocket Full of Liberty and current Left Coast Resident and healthcare industry professional.  Bruce  is a writer who’s work is featured at Ricochet  and USA Today.  Activist/ Snarktavist.  Reformed healthcare lobbyist. America’s lovable gay conservative.


Amy Otto

      Amy Otto  @AmyOtto8


Bruce Carroll  @GayPatriot


Previous Shows :

The Wrap:  ObamaCare Defund Efforts discussion with Dean Clancy from Freedomworks.  Twitter and Conservative sense of humor with Matt Hockman July 31st 2013

The Wrap:  Mike Paranzino  Communications Director for ROC Exposed stops by to discuss the strong arm tactics of ROC.  Discuss with Bruce  DEFEAT LINDSAY GRAHAM  efforts July 24th, 2013

The Wrap: Allen Ginzburg stops by to discuss The Media’s “Stand Your Ground” Excuse  in the aftermath of the Zimmerman Trial. Kurt Schlichter  talks GOP Senate races and whether its Time to Throw Out Second Best GOP Senators. July 17th 2013

The Wrap: The Premiere! Amy Otto and Bruce Carroll with The Wrap! Tonight: Mickey Kaus on the trouble with the Gang of 8 immigration bill. John Ekdahl also joins Amy and Bruce. June 26th 2013

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