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The Marty O Radio Show, hosted by Martin O’Sullivan has been around for nearly 3 years and 250 shows. We are proud (and honored) to now be a part of The405Radio. The Marty O Radio Show covers about two dozen conservative issues each show from the ridiculous abuse of local political power to the serious national conservative topics.  From time to time Martin enjoys interviewing people in the news such as Pamela Geller, interesting people in entertainment such as Joe Franklin (The first man ever to have a TV talk show), to The Coasters, Jay and the Americans, etc. Toward the end of the show Martin mentions free computer software all without adware or viruses & computer tips.  Finishing with a bit of relaxation with a musical appreciation segment from Gershwin to Pink Floyd (one selected piece with a story behind it). Tune in just for the FREE software! God Bless America & The405radio Follow, contact, or read: Martin O’Sullivan @TheMartyOShow Twitter Main Website  The Conservative Patriot

I have reported on Obamacare (as most of us have) since before it became law to the present day.  As well as written articles on Obamacare on numerous occasions.  I quote Vladimir Lennon who said : Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.  Obamacare was never about your health. It is about Redistribution of wealth and control. Just another takeover… and soon to be another bailout! In my latest show I covered much about the attack on religious organizations via this administration. That and other topics, plus a FREE computer program and music appreciation segment, and as usual, there is always time to make fun of my engineer Ben Willard.