By N. Scott Jones – Host, Pissed Off, Politically Speaking at The 405 Radio


  • Antifa fomenting violence, protests on college campuses against free speech rights of opposing views, erasing US history through defacing public property – now, the National Football League.
  • Yes, the Liberal Left is in full meltdown mode, in tatters, out of power, and they want it all back – at any cost – and no matter who it hurts.
  • Their modern Liberal Messiah – Barack Obama – waxed eloquent about “we’re not white Americans, Black American, Brown Americans – we’re ALL Americans” – until the moment you don’t buy our sycophantic BS. THEN, you are the enemy.
  • They rationalize, normalize and proselytize that their anti-social behavior, lying and appropriating racism, misogyny and worse – whether true are not, are honorable means to an end. They are not!



  • The NFL has now succumbed to the notion that if you don’t respect such behavior that YOU (you and me) are The Deplorables – too ignorant to understand, beneath THEIR higher calling.
  • One small problem, those they attack represent more than half the country and, in the NFL’s case, their fans, their customers, their primary source of revenue.
  • They wrap themselves in the Constitution, 1st Amendment rights to justify this conduct, seemingly oblivious they are crapping all over the symbols of that freedom, and those who sacrificed to protect the freedoms that have allowed them to become millionaires – irrespective of color, creed or religious belief.
  • They are OFFENDED that we all don’t genuflect to this noble position THEY have taken, and we would DARE to “disrespect” the NFL, as Commissioner Goodell whined, as if it is some flawless bastion for good. It is not.  It is a business, about fame, money and power.



  • It has all become such a self-indulgent spectacle, having ZERO effect in solving any REAL problems – perceived or real.
  • Billionaire owners locking arms with their millionaire employees (the players), all while disrespecting the ONE THING that should unite us – as Barack Obama said – our flag, our national anthem.
  • They play their game, they gladly take our money, then tootle home to their luxury houses in their Maybachs, Porches and Escalades.
  • All while dismayed that we just don’t understand their struggles, and the nobility of their actions that accomplish absolutely ZERO in solving ANY of the problems or grievances they claim to represent.
  • In the NFL, you can be fined thousands for flicking a booger, twerking in the end zone or wearing the wrong brand T-shirt – but crap on the very symbols that represent our national pride, patriotism and freedoms??? – feel free.
  • Where was all the righteous indignation for Tim Tebow when he would take a knee in prayer, or HS Coach Kennedy in Washington state who took a knee for the Lord and lost his job? Yes, the hypocrisy is stunning.



  • The dishonest media has spun this story to the point of vomiting – that this is all Pres. Trump’s fault. It is not.  It has been building for nearly a decade.
  • I have become ILL watching Prevaricators, Pettifoggers and Charlatans – and outright liars – try to pin it all on our President through projection, spin and out-right lies (dog whistle = lacking facts).
  • Yes, the MSM, the main mouthpiece for the Liberal Left, are complicit in the effort to de-legitimize Trump and promote the Liberal agenda at all costs. Where facts are lacking, they will create them.
  • The MSM has become corrupt, and this NFL situation is not exempt from their dishonesty.



  • The spectacle we’re seeing in the NFL today is neither brave nor effective.
  • You want to make a REAL difference? – go take a knee in Cabrini Green, or anywhere in South Chicago where hundreds of innocents, primarily people of color, lose their lives monthly.
  • Park your Porsche, and testify on your grievances/views at a City Council meeting or public hearing on community policing. SELL your Maybach and donate it to a youth program for troubled teens.
  • You take my money, time and good will – all while YOU are too good to stand for the American Flag and National Anthem? No thanks.
  • I will take my NFL entertainment budget and donate it to those who were truly brave, our military – who sacrificed ALL to protect your freedom to make asses of yourselves on national TV.



  • The one thing that binds us – a symbol of freedom and human rights, now divides us – all in the name of political agendas and demagoguery.
  • We take so much for granted in this great country. If we are so awful, why do millions ofttimes risk their lives trying to get here.
  • These latest self-indulgent acts by NFL players, their coaches and certain owners has sought to cheapen our national pride, their political correctness to marginalize everyday Americans like you and me.
  • BREAKING NEWS NFL: There are still large swaths of Americans who are weary of being called racists, xenophobes and homophobes for simply disagreeing with the Liberal Left ideologies and policies.
  • In your case – WE are your fans and customers, the lifeblood of your livelihood – and all you risk hearing from OUR “deplorable” voices if your misdirected, ineffectual and self-indulgent behaviors aren’t reconsidered.
  • Free speech isn’t free. It comes with responsibilities and consequences.  Dividing us through the very symbols that binds us as a country, and at the expense of those who fought and died to protect it, is NOT a winning strategy.