If you found yourself saying, “Thank God we didn’t elect him President” after Mitt Romney’s pathetic, leftist coddling tweet about President Trump’s Charlotte response, you may have doubled down on that after hearing his former running mate’s pathetic, leftist codding CNN town hall.

Ryan appeared in Racine, Wisconsin Monday night after President Trump spoke on Afghanistan in Virginia.  If Trump’s supporters were less than aligned over his decision to stay in Afghanistan, perhaps they found a new reason to rally around the President after Ryan trashed him.  Trump suggested there were two sides to the Charlotte incident – there are – which the Vichy right joined forces with the left to demonize. Even as Majority Whip Steve Scalise was tempering expectations of his return to Congress, after six police officers were shot and two killed over the weekend, and after leftist protesters pelted Boston police with rocks and bottles of urine, Ryan had no reluctance to take Jake Tapper’s bait and chide Trump for not coming own hard enough on the right.

Thank God Americans rejected Romneyism and Ryanism in 2012.  Both of them are now complicit in a campaign by the left to silence free speech, de-platform the right on social media and web hosting, and now Ryan even suggests Second Amendment rights could be further limited over what he considers mental illness and “too far” right political thought and speech.

For decades the left has trampled culture while guys like Ryan looked the other way or even sided with our political enemies. He calls a Trump censure a “political hack-fest” but basically agrees with the pile-on that clamors for it on every level. Worse, Ryan has not attacked Antifa in either Charlottesville, Dallas, Laguna Beach or Boston, the attacks in Barcelona, the destruction of statues which now include Catholic icons and even Christopher Columbus.

The left is coming hard at free speech and personal liberty and Paul Ryan’s only beef is with Donald Trump.

Ryan has to go.  He needs to be made an example of.  His popularity is slipping in his home state, as are most Congressman and Senators who oppose Trump like Jeff Flake in Arizona.  Ryan will once again be challenged by local businessman Paul Nehlen, who lost his primary race to the Speaker two years ago.  Things have changed.  Ryan could be beaten with tight messaging and now a movement that seems to be gaining momentum in targeting anti-Trump Congressmen and Senators.

Americans, especially the American right, deserves better than leaders who won’t name the real enemy.