On the night of August 18, six policemen were shot in Pennsylvania and Jacksonville and Kissimmee, Florida. In Kissimmee, Matthew Baxter and Sgt. Richard “Sam” Howard were ambushed, and according to their police chief, so taken by surprise that they did not get one shot off. One officer died that night and the second succumbed to his wounds the next day.

Everett Glenn Miller was taken into custody as a suspect.  Miller is a former Marine and has a history of mental problems.  He recently changed his name on Facebook to Malik Mohammad Ali. That’s not really remarkable in and of itself, but the rest of Miller/Ali’s Facebook paper trail is chilling as hell, especially in the context of statements made by politicians such as Florida Senator Marco Rubio after the Charlottesville incident.

Heavy.com posted the ubiquitous “Five Things To Know…” piece written by Jessica McBride, a writer and academic from Wisconsin we sort of know.  Here are some compelling facts about Miller/Ali that relate to Charlottesville and are unmistakable echoes of Rubio and others, as they reflect very recent social media postings of Millers – after Charlottesville and politicians weighing in.

The page shared a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. earlier in the day on August 18 with writing on it that said, “When I said march I didn’t mean forever muthaf*ckas. Shoot back!” Ali wrote with the photo, “When them (N word racial slur) wake up. Its (sic) going to be some hell to answer for. You only can poke a tie up dog for so long. Once that chain breaks its over. Wake up America before its too late.” Another post said “racist as* America. America is evil.” Only hours before the shooting, the page shared a post about white supremacists infiltrating police departments. There were also derogatory posts about Donald Trump and posts about the Confederate monument issue and Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia. On August 15, the page shared a video of the Charlottesville clashes, writing, “Confederate Nazis…i will hurt you all. You are the enemy. You can run but you cant hide.”

Here’s what Marco Rubio posted on Twitter, after Charlottesville, as part of a six tweet manifesto the incident.

I don’t know how you can read that except as a wink at attacks on groups Rubio feels deserve 100% of the blame for social upheaval and violence in the country, white nationalists, not Black Live Matter or Antifa or Alt Left. Nobody can say whether Everett Glen Miller read Rubio’s tweets, but those tweets set the tone for an all out war in the streets on both the peacefully assembling right of center Americans and police. Miller believed white supremacists infiltrated police departments.  It’s not difficult to connect the dots about how that got into his messed up head.  The night after six police shootings, radical Marxists pounced on a free speech rally in Boston and stuck around long after the scheduled event involving only a few dozen people. Antifa took to the streets and attacked.  There were no Nazi or Confederate flags or statues, but that did not stop the Alt Left from burning American flags and assaulting bystanders with a little red, white and blue who could in no way be taken for Nazis.  And what justifies violence against police?

These were long after the formal rally ended. Apparently, as Rubio suggested, Antifa felt “justified” in sticking around and directing violence toward anybody in the wrong place at the wrong time, law enforcement included.

At another rally in Dallas Saturday night in support of that city’s Confederate statues, rally-goers and the Alt Left again clashed. Here’s a reporter on the scene.

Not long ago we fought the left, who gave cover to radical Islamists, insisted their mass-murderers were “lone wolves” and an entire religion could not be indicted. Suddenly we have “conservative” politicians like Rubio eager to provide that broad brush to normal Americans they’ve now made targets.  The progression from Rubio’s social media posts to Miller’s manifesto is breathtaking.

Politicians like Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, and others have given the Alt Left a ticket to ride with rhetoric about their violence being justified. Rubio’s pathetic assertion that there’s only one side to blame here is not lost on cop killers, either.  Rubio is a finger-in-the-wind politician who is always at the front of the bandwagon to blame Trump.  Rubio’s rhetoric has clearly swung the door wide open to justify national mayhem and violence because of a microscopically small radical fringe in one place at one time.  The  Alt Left and Democrats are playing with fire in their deadly absurdity of implicating Trump and his supporters.  Rubio complies.  He’s justified attacks on just about anybody the left wishes to lump in as filled with “hate.”  Missouri is attempting to oust a State Senator who made assassination threats against Trump.  Congratulations, Marco, you’ve inspired an entire movement much larger than Nazis. The Alt left doesn’t need much motivation to threaten and attack and kill and that’s not an equivalency.  The Alt Left is much worse than Nazis because they now have the full faith and credit of an actual political party. They also have what at least are talking points and at worst a license to kill from the likes of Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney.  Normal Americans and even law enforcement are now targets because cheap temporary politicians have lumped the rest of us in with the KKK.