“Uncle Glen” was the first person to hand me a guitar at age six. For five years from age six to age eleven, I would see him often, less so in later years as his fame grew.

As a kid, I lived about four houses away from Glen’s parents. I’m not sure if they “adopted” me or I adopted them, but Mom and Pop Campbell were always on their front porch, with M&Ms handy for this adopted kid.

I was five or six years old the first time I met Glen. I was passing by on a normal day, and Mom Campbell hollered from the porch “Come meet your Uncle Glen!” Knowing M&Ms were in the offing, I bopped up on the porch and Mom said – “Scott, this is your Uncle Glen.” I said “hi” and he responded, “Hey Squirt!” in that distinctive high-pitched voice you would often hear.

For all those precious few years I would see him, he NEVER called me by my proper name. I was always “Squirt” to him. It stuck.

There are so many memories of that time, but my fondest are the first time he handed me a guitar and showed me how to play an open G chord with one little finger. The second was one time, when he was home, I think when I was seven, and he wanted me to hear a new song he was working on.

“Uncle Glen” knew my Dad worked for a utility company, and said “Squirt, you’re going to love this one.” He picked up his guitar, and with a voice that mesmerized me even then, sang Wichita Lineman, as we sat on that front porch – just him and his guitar, with me, Mom and Pop Campbell and a couple of neighbors.

As a young kid, you don’t have any real sense of fame or notoriety. This was also a time when super stardom was just on the horizon. It all came home to me in a couple of years – when I was sat in front of the TV, and the Glen Campbell Good Time Hour came on the screen. I recall blurting out “That’s Uncle Glen!”

At age eleven, we moved away and as his fame soared, his visits home became much less frequent. We lost touch. But through it all, Glen Campbell had a profound effect on my young life and love of music. I went on to learn and play guitar, and still do today.

Glen Travis Campbell was a prolific talent of his time, an entertainer, an inspiration, an ofttimes troubled soul, among other things. But to this Texas kid, he will always be my “Uncle Glen.” A man his “Squirt” adored and looked up to.