I’m old enough to remember – wait that was only days ago – when Republicans blamed the failure of Obamacare repeal on President Trump’s lack of leadership on the issue. Nevermind the GOP had voted on straight repeals and campaigned and fundraised on them seven years. Congress’ lies and corruption on repeal is now all Trump’s fault.

As the man who once watched his Corvette swallowed up by a hole in the earth once said, “Let that sink in.”

Republicans like Lamar Alexander are finding more common ground with Democrats like Patty Murray, and evidently don’t need any leadership from Trump to move forward on healthcare, so long as it’s bailing out the debacle only one party is responsible for.

As the player who nailed a buzzer beater to force game 7 once said, “Let that sink in.”

The GOP can argue it doesn’t own Obamacare because it did not have a hand in passing it, but once it goes down the road of bailing it out, those bragging rights are gone. So the GOP brand will be at the mercy of voters deciding which party has the most goodies to throw into an entitlement.  Guess which party wins that game? Republicans would rather spite Trump and morph into the party they pretended to run against for decades.  These are all good conservatives, we’ll be told.  Conservative solutions.  Trump is a New York liberal, they’ll say.

Getting double-crossed by John McCain was bad enough, but it was just the first injury.  The insult will be Republicans caucusing with Democrats to double down on Obamacare’s destruction and keep it pretty much the way it is. So petrified of the repercussions from donors and lobbyists is the GOP that they would rather pay forward an entitlement designed to fail and lead to single payer, than fear voters who might get revenge for Congress not doing what it said it would do, over and over again, and repeal Obamacare.

As the captain of the Costa Concordia said, “Let that sink in.”