We’ve moved on from mocking the “delay” in building the border wall to wringing our hands about the environmental impact, especially since the Trump administration said it intends to waive studies and thus delays due to impact.

The Washington post bemoans the “at risk” species in and around proposed wall locations. including jaguars, Mexican gray wolves and, in the case of the San Diego section, Quino checkerspot butterflies.

The bullet train which is to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles was faced with similar objections.  California passed a law preempting environmental challenges and was taken to court over those waivers and lost.  Now, Governor Jerry Brown wants Trump’s help to leapfrog those environmental obstacles.

“Gov. Brown specifically noted infrastructure, including construction of the High Speed Rail, as an area ‘where we can all work together,'” said his press secretary, Evan Westrup.

“The authority has had ongoing discussions with the administration about streamlining the environmental process,” rail authority spokeswoman Lisa Marie Alley said in an email to the Times.

Let’s set aside for the moment that California is on the attack against Trump over immigration policy, sanctuary cities, and the handling of illegals.  Well, maybe not.  Trump should actually take the occasion of Brown’s cry for help to insist on some quid pro quo, on those issues, no?

But let’s not pretend even the greenest of greens doesn’t understand pet infrastructure projects and environmental objections don’t mix. Even California has not hesitated to use a heavy hand against its own untouchables, the tree huggers, if it really wants something built.

Trump is not asking for something along California’s border Brown has not already demanded to build his bullet train boondoggle.