Washingtonians have a stick up their a** about airlines.  They act like they never get the respect they deserve on their flights over flyover country.   So it’s not surprising when Dr. David Dao refused to peacefully leave a United flight in Chicago, DC conservative pundits were quick to find all fault with the airline.  Three others left the plane when asked.  Dao made a scene. Can you think of other cases where the right sides with the guy resisting arrest?  Of course, Dao will make out on his court settlement. Any DC conservatives still want to argue tort reform? Are the cops and the airline entirely to blame here?

Donald Trump is getting noise from some on the right about his immigration policy. In fairness, DACA was not ended as Trump campaigned it would be.  But Attorney General Jeff Sessions is quietly assembling nothing short of a deportation force.  The left is mortified.  Is the right justified in attacking Trump’s immigration policy?

A little navel gazing here.  Who are we and why are we here?  In other words, are podcasters and thought writers expecting too much when they desire to change the world or even the country?  It’s a segment about a 405 Media partner who stopped doing his podcast recently and expressed his frustrations

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