After a suspension turned firing of his top talent at the Blaze, Glenn Beck is buying time to keep Tomi Lahren off the air anywhere to forestall a more widespread public realization of the magnitude of his mistake.

He’s betting the longer he can keep her off the air, the better the chance the memory will fade of what an idiot he was by canning her. And that her value will diminish, for whomever picks her up at the end of her contract in September.  She’s been treading water on Twitter.

Her Facebook page has been tumbleweeds since March when she was shoved off her show on The Blaze, who contractually owns the page and its 4+ million followers.  She’s suing The Blaze for wrongful termination and to get the Facebook page back.  Beck may have the contractual justification for what he’s doing, but he’s adding  his handling of Lahren to a string of lousy creative and management decisions that keeps The Blaze in its present death spiral. Layoffs, other lawsuits with former management, a freefall in subscriptions are increasingly everyday life for a guy who was once on the ground floor of new, conservative media. The bungling of Tomi Lahren is the latest episode.

Tomi Lahren is wrong about abortion, and has some rough edges when it comes to articulating a few other conservative beliefs with consistency, but it’s nothing time won’t heal. Glenn Beck had to understand she was a diamond in the rough when he hired her away from her brief stint at OANN, before which she was solely a Facebook phenom.  Yeah, there are stories she’s a diva star off camera, but a big ego is part and parcel of rising in TV or cable. Think Glenn Beck doesn’t have eccentricities borne of fame?  The cool kids in right wing social media like to swat her. She’s a Trumpist, and the stylebook at The Blaze was (and still generally is) to trash Trump.

But The Blaze gave her a stage and she has leveraged it. Now Tomi Lahren is on the way up and Glenn Beck is on the way down. He didn’t build that. She did.  Yeah, I get that contracts are contracts. Twenty-somethings desperate for media fame will sign their souls away.  It’s all fun and games until it’s no fun, and it’s just games.

Glenn Beck is now living the “if I can’t have you, nobody can” trope.

  • Scott Jones

    This nails it better than I did on my #Gangof405 LOSER this week. Becks business judgment ranks right up there with Obama’s on Middle East foreign policy. #smh Well done piece.

  • William Way

    Glenn is going bankrupt faster than the Susan Rice is boiling over. He needed Tomi gone because in reality he can’t afford her. When his pending divorce is announced over the July 4th weekend (nobody is watching any news) his money will be gone, kaput, vanished…gone up is a blaze. He can’t stand being irrelevant and blames it on everyone but his own drug use.