BREAKING:  Donald Trump accuses Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower before the election. This would sink Obama’s deep state to a new low, if True.  We know Obama intends to discredit and disrupt the Trump administration.  He remains in Washington and his henchman Valerie Jarrett just moved in with him.  Does this warrant investigating?

On the day after author Charles Murray was chased off a campus stage by rioters and and a professor who tried to escort him out wassent to the hospital, the Southern Poverty Law Center defended a suspect in some of the bomb threats made to Jewish Community Centers.  Juan Thompson, a St. Louis based leftist, black, Muslim journalist was dismissed as merely reacting to a bad hookup.  The SPLC considers Charles Murray a white nationalist.

Donald Trump’s virtual deportation force.  Seems a wall and a handful of impending deportations is all it takes to stop the flow of illegals into the country, and to make the ones already here think twice about public displays of defiance?  Why waste time negotiating with Congress over immigration reform when merely enforcing laws already on the books is so efficient?

Elton John has complained about not getting new songs played on the radio.  He calls radio “ageist” and thinks radio has it in for old guys. But the senior circuit can still fill up auditoriums and get rock star treatment for any cause they choose to support.

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