Just when you got your’re bummed out because Donald Trump’s travel bans were losing in court, there’s news that Obama era deportation orders are finally being carried out.  Trump may pivot and issue new executive orders more impervious to court challenges, or he may ride the current EO to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the amnesty advocates and stars and retailers keep piling on.

Seems like it’s Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway’s job to make CNN and the rest of the media look stupid – and they’re doing a fine job. To paraphrase Grand Moff Tarkin: Fire them? In our moment of triumph?  There are rumors of the Trump administration shopping Spicer’s job around – the name of Carl Higbie was mentioned – meanwhile Conway says her boss has her back and her husband may even be in line for Solicitor General.

Finally, there could not be two professional sports owners as dissimilar as Mike Ilitch and Jeffrey Loria.  Ilitch died Friday and was owner of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings.  He founded Little Caesars Pizza in 1959 and was beloved by fans and committed to Detroit.  Loria is selling the disastrous MLB franchise in Miami known as the Marlins.  They have the longest streak out of the playoffs of any NL team, have lousy attendance thanks to Loria’s reprehensible demeanor and cheapskate salaries.  He is also thought to have took Miami to the cleaners to get a publicly funded stadium.  On paper a professional franchise should prosper in Miami and struggle in Detroit, but it’s been just the opposite.  Why?

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