Mexico can say “we will never pay for the wall”, but they can’t prevent it from happening. Simply stated, if we have a 58 billion dollar deficit with Mexico, and President Trump renegotiates NAFTA and other trade deals that will result in lowering the deficit to zero, or even if half at 29 billion. Donald Trump just paid for the wall with money that normally would have ended up in Mexico’s government banks.

A ban on countries that export and support terrorism. Obama did it, Carter did it, where were the objections then? Bannon was right, the media is our main opposition, not the Democrat party (or at least not all of them). We want to work with Democrats, but there is no getting a fair shake from the media. If President Trump cured cancer the media would complain how many people in that industry lost their jobs.

The media has challenged the President to prove his allegations of voter fraud. Yet, the proof is all in the media for the past several years. Florida with 150 thousand falsely filled out ballets in Debbie Wasserman Shultz county. That is just one country, this is a big country! and many stories of people saying their relatives may have died, but they seem to keep on voting. Or how about the lady who said in 2012 she voted for Obama 6 times and is proud of it. She ended up in jail. I wonder if she is proud of that.

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