Friday evening President Trump signed an executive order indefinitely suspending the Syrian refugee program, cutting President Obama’s quota on refugees from 110,000 to 50,000, and giving Christian refugees preference in countries where they are minorities. This effectively ends Barack Obama’s program to resettle Syrian refugees in the United States and gives his administration the tools to choke off the U.S. entry of individuals from countries predisposed to radical Islamism. The order directs that the suspension be reevaluated in 120 days, but really… Wow. A busy week for the new President.

Trump is beating the media but they’re too stupid to realize it. If you don’t agree,  there’s a good chance you are in the media and thus are too stupid to realize we’re right. Trump beat the media when he won the election.  He’s beating the media now because he is bumping mainstream media and major newspapers to the back of the line and giving new media priority at press conferences and other coverage venues.  Joe Scarborough and others protest Trump can’t win, but he already has.  The media effort to defeat Donald Trump was unprecedented. And the media could not beat Republicans who still control congress and the Senate, too. As he said, the mainstream is the opposition party.  And he beat them both.

On the occasion of the March For Life, scientists announced creation of a hybrid pig-human embryo which they believe will eventually lead to harvesting human organs, if the embryo is allowed to develop to the point of developing organs.  Which means it really isn’t an embryo anymore.  Then what is it?

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