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Friday’s widespread internet outage was caused by hackers who gained access to through the “internet of things” or IoT. This includes any WiFi or Bluetooth connected devices like baby monitors, printers, or cameras.  It’s thought that the rush to market these devices with no forethought of  security was asking for trouble.

ALSO…Julian Assange had his internet cut off, but Wikileaks continues to publish.   The oppo is largely destructive to the right, but Wikileaks insists it doesn’t care who wins the U.S. Presidential elections.  Democrats have framed the hacks as the work of Russians, which Wikileaks denies, and that Donald Trump is complicit.  Republicans like Ben Sasse and Marco Rubio don’t want to make an issue of the leaks, either.

If you don’t know what the Stochastic Terminator algorithm is, you’ll have to listen to the show.

ALSO…Michael Moore took trashing Donald Trump – and his supporters – to a new level with his Movie Trumpland.

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