John A. “Jay” Faber, MD is a clinical and forensic psychiatrist with more than two decades of experience in Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry and Pharmacological Management, treating patients in clinical private practices in Colorado, California and Georgia.

Dr Jay Faber, MD discusses The Aftermath: How Survivors’ Brains Are Affected By The Orlando Shooting. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Is A Consequence (PTSD)

Joe Fitzpatrick of The New England Sports Village joins us to chat about – kids and sports and how much is too much? 35 million youths are playing sports and the debate rages on about aggressive training, early specialization and how much is too much? Is engaging and putting more women into positions of leadership the answer? The culture of sports has long been an issue with behavioral/abuse issues now at the forefront in the NFL and other leagues. Are these youth athletes taught from a young age to be aggressive at all costs? The New England Sports Village believes getting more women involved in coaching, leading and empowering our youth athletes is the answer. Their goal is to “help families raise children, not just build athletic machines.”

Lee Vowell, Happy Hour Network CEO & former Cleveland, OH resident visits us to share the importance of Cleveland’s 52 year drought coming to an end w/LeBron James and the Cavaliers becoming the 2016 NBA World Champions.

  • I believe knowing how to do things through using common sense is the way to effectively coach or complete any job. Todays players know a lot relies on their abilities to play & win. I feel that they may feel an unintentional pressure to win and they loose focus on their strength and want to win while forgetting it’s a GAME not a fight.
    I have seen an uncountable amount of all sports. For football there is added pressure through players knowing a lot relies on them from outside. You know what I mean, but I’m not saying anything and I’m usually the opposite, so…

  • Congratulations to LeBron James & The Rest Of The Cavaliers For Your Team Win! I didn’t forget, Time Knows All…