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Episode #147: Will The Real Hillary Please Stand Up

In this episode, we discuss:

TalkGOP.com Shout Out; Discountbodyparts.com  bought out by Planned Parenthood?; Be More in Baltimore?; No Joaquin tool returns; White crime fighting in Richmond; No Writing Standards anymore; How about Parental Control vs. Gun Control; Banning Guns for Social Security Recipients; NY District Attorneys can’t own guns; Black Bear attacks a woman in her home.

Hard Hitting News: Will the Real Hillary Please Stand Up.

International News: What Drives Putin to enter Syria; Putin is Vicious but smart…; South Korean NYU Student released from North Korea; Chilean Private Savings Account Work.

First World Problems: 2015 Season starts without an arrest in a month; Billed for missing a Wedding; Shawshank Cheese at Whole Foods; Indians Being brought to Communism; Sioux Mary Jane resort.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Paul

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