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Episode #137: Hillary is going Dutch with Donors

In this episode, we discuss:

#Blackhumormatters; Mark Warner, please shut down MY government; Chuck Norris and the President…..OH NOOOO; Female Viagra Approved; Jared from Subway.

Hard Hitting News: Hillary gets to tell the media what a legitimate question is; Hillary is going Dutch with Donors; VA is streamlining by using the shredder; Sleeping Rough, an Obamanomics Cornerstone; The hits keep coming with Planned Parenthood videos; Now I am offended by this particular confederate flag; Sanctuary City Doubles Doubt….Chicago of course.

LGBTQRLS and Axis Report: English Teachers need to get to the kids early; De-transitioning from sex changes; Black Man CDC Getting tested makes you stronger ad; Gay Gestapo go after Black clergy; LGBT Soviet Flag; First, Target came for the dolls and trucks and I said nothing.

International News: Sendero Luminoso Slavery; Indonesian Airline crash; Peace-at-any-Price Kerry in Cuba; The African Cowboy is Back.

Russia Update: Russia Abducts Estonian Man and convicts him; Another great American Athlete-Diplomat Roy Jones Jr.;

Featuring No, Sir by Phil Cypher


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Paul

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