Ya know how your favorite musicians come out with new album titles with catchy names or a name that means something? Then when it’s time to return to your roots and go back to why you make music in the first place, you give the album no name at all? Well, that’s this episode.

Tonight is going to be raw, honest and quite frankly radio therapy for this ole’ rabbit.

Joined tonight by Bill O’Keefe, who we are now proud to say is a contributing writer to Polititainment.net. He broke a story this week that broke our website and interwebs (and that was before Net Neutrality). He will discuss that and more in a way that only Bill can.

As always I share with you mainly yours (and my) Top 10 Douchebags of the Week and some suprises along the way.


  • Ffbond

    have a great show. Listening. Be well Bunny.

  • Ffbond

    You are the good gal! I’ve got your back. Just tweet me the I’d and I’ll do the rest. I mean that. BTW what is The List? Jewhadi told me I made it, don’t care I’ll get them first. Who is them?

  • Ffbond

    Great show! Love the D’bags. I have an idea about moving the GOP forward. Nicely, but firmly. Mass tweets. I need people and help. Talk to me if you will. When you have time.