Howdy, hiya and hey y’all, it’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the bunny to jump outta the hutch and chit chat across the airwaves. Tonight, we are talking morals… you know, those things that tell us right from wrong, good from bad, fun from boring. 😉 Can we take morality too far? Is it right to force your morals on others? What are American morals?

I feel like PeeWee Herman, the word of the day is MORALS.

My guest is Ruby Jaxxx, a Hall of Fame and Legend of Erotica porn star, and we’ll talk about how our morals may be keeping us from looking at an industry that is overwhelmed with government regulation and intrusion. Should we ignore this overreach simply because we think dirty movies are naughty? Oh, by the way, she will be calling in live from the AVN’s, which is like the Oscars of the porn industry.

All that plus this week’s Top 10 Douchebags and other little nuggets of bunny chainsaw goodness. Be there! 🙂

The 4 hour Polititainment hour begins at 8pm (est)
• 8:00 pm: According To Me Show w/ Jason DeWilkins
• 9:00 pm: Unapologetically Bunny w/ Sam Janney
• 10:00 pm Real Serious Nonsense w/ Angie & Clay Mells
• 11:00pm: The Stafford Voice w/ Daniel Stafford