Folks, It’s really Obama’s World, he just let’s us live in it. Did you call in sick to work on Wednesday morning? If you did I understand as being subjected to another Obama State of the Union causes nausea and projectile vomiting. It’s true.

Folks, I listened to the SOTU so you didn’t have to. On tonight’s episode, I give you my take on this speech with a 75% smart ass, 25% factual strategy. If you don’t laugh you will cry right?

Most of us have gotten our tax information and are either waiting to the last minute (because you owe) or filling them right away (because you get $$ back) It is this time every year I get more and more frustrated with the “progressive” tax codes in our country. I discuss common sense ways to fix this system, that almost of all of America (that pays taxes at least) can agree on.

I also share with you a new way i have discovered on how to cure insomnia and my asshat of the week.

Since this is the 4 Hour Polititainment Hour and we use the hashtag #4HourLive, it’s only fitting this week to ask you this. Summarize the State of the Union in 4 words. I will be reading those live on the air. #4HourLive

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