Rolling Stone Magazine disavowed its story about a woman named Jackie who says she was gang raped at a University of Virginia frat in 2012.

The piece resulted in UVA banning all frats and sororities, and a national hue and cry to stamp out the “rape culture’ on college campuses.

The writer, Sabrina Rubin Ederly, fact checked nothing, and made no attempt to contact friends Jackie mentioned in telling her story, or any of the frat boys she accused.  The piece said it would not pursue corroborating Jackie’s story out of sensitivity to her and the danger she said she’d be in. Friday Rolling Stone said it can’t back any of the story and was walking away from it. THAT brought the usual feminist suspects out of the woodwork, who have no reason to live except to perpetuate the rape culture narrative. 

Actually, Chris, the frat, and its members, are innocent until proven guilty.  Burden of proof is on the accuser.

ALSO – did taxes kill Eric Garner?  Libertarians want to posthumously adopt him as their poster child. Is Eric Garner the right martyr for excessive taxes and overregulation. AND – the Free For All!

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