Why should the GOP clean up Obama’s amnesty mess?  Obama’s excuse for acting alone was that Congress would not act.  Well, he did act. Now he still demands Congress act. Why? Does he really want to work with the new Republican majority?  Probably not.  He wants to demagogue and fund raise off any plan they produce.  All he knows how to do is campaign.  Obama is already taunting Republicans to come up with their own immigration plan.

Why should they?  To bail him out?  To fix a disaster like, say, Obamacare? The same mainstream media scolding Republicans for having no plan will rip it to shreds no matter what the plan is. If we give amnesty to ten million, we’ll be called heartless bastards for not making it 20 million – or not including enough benefits. What’s the point? Why try to make Obama OR the MSM happy? The same MSM that programs Latinos to hate the right will suddenly switch sides?  Get real.

Some on the right like to say “we need to lead on immigration.”  What does that mean?  Pass a principled bill we know Obama would not sign? What would be the point of that? Pass an immigration bill Obama would actually sign? How bad would that be?

It would look just like the amnesty executive order Obama already enacted.  What’s the point?

The legislative solutions to stopping executive overreach are spelled out in the Constitution.  Few on the right, including GOP leadership, want to talk about them.

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