A very special Pissed Off, Politically Speaking as we celebrate the long-awaited release of STONEWALLED: My Fight for the Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington.  Investigative journalist and former CBS News senior correspondent Sharyl Attkisson will join us to discuss her breathtaking account of computer intrusions and confrontations related to her coverage of some of the most high-profile scandals of the Obama administration.  This is a “don’t miss” episode and interview.

In our A-Block, friend of the show and Deputy Editor of, Noah Rothman will join us for some post-election analysis and discussion of an interesting piece he wrote on the 4-stage meltdown of MSNBC hosts/pundits on election night as Democratic candidates were falling with losses across the country.

It’s an action packed show, so we hope you will join us Monday, streaming LIVE at 10 a.m ET on The 405 Radio.

Noah Rothman
Noah Rothman
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  • JPeden

    Uh oh, noticed that Tammy Jackson show plays some bars of “Who’s That Lady” in its promo…Why, it’s Sharyl Attkisson!

    Keep going strong, Sharyl…Reality is always what is most interesting and useful…vs the “Perception is Reality”/”Rhetoric over Reality” concoctions of our would-be Masters and Milkers. “Rhetoric over Reality” is really their only tactic and end: Means=Ends=Totalitarian Thought Control.

    The point is that you can correctly analyze nearly everything Obama, enc., does, and get some idea of what they will do, by keeping the latter in mind: it’s always about Tactics. That’s all they *are*, promise, and deliver = the tactics and end of Thought Control. Of course, “By any means necessary/available,” as the “Sharyl Attkisson Affair” demonstrates.

  • Many thanks to all the listeners who made this episode a top rated show this week on The 405. I am humbled and appreciate you all. –SJ