A study says illegals are voting, and in sufficient numbers in some places to sway election results. And most vote with IDs. While it’s estimated fewer illegals voted in 2010 than in 2008, the margins would have been enough to give Al Franken a Senate victory in Minnesota in 2008.  And there will be many close elections in 2014, which will decide control of the Senate. Furthermore, the Obama administration is rumbling about green cards for many tens of millions already here illegally, which means more illegals with IDs and more voting. Get the picture?

Also, it was a terrible week for both soldiers and law enforcement. Two Canadian soldiers were killed, one run down with a car, one shot – both by jihadists.  In the U.S. a New York City cop was sent to the hospital by a terrorist who hit him in the head with a hatchet.  Two California Sheriff’s deputies were shot and killed trying to break up a carjacking spree in and around Sacramento.

And, of course, a kid with a gun shot up his high school in Washington State, killing at least one person plus himself, and others who are clinging to life.

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