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Who’s Stephen Perkins, you ask?  Steve’s a young conservative-libertarian with a passion for making politics more accessible to millennials by providing commentary on politics and culture from a modern vantage point.  Enter OUTSET Magazine, a digital publication by millennials, for millenialls.  Tune in to hear how YOU can get involved with this new venture…

I’m honored to have joined the OUTSET staff as a Contributing Editor and look forward to great things ahead!

But first, earlier this year we promised you a show live from Africa.  The Ebola outbreak has kept our trip from happening as anticipated, BUT, we have Rose Finley joining us from Togo tonight to share her French flight experience for her friends, fans, and family back home!

We’ll also discuss if the President’s politics factored into James Foley’s death, and review a scathing piece on his golf obsession from an ultra liberal (you don’t want to miss that).   All this, lots of other good stuff, and oh yes, if you’re on Twitter or Facebook, don’t forget to #AskFriddle!  Tune in!