Rick Perry walked into an Austin, Texas courthouse Tuesday, posed for a mug shot and got fingerprinted. Indicted politicians invariably march into doom after that, but Perry not only went out for ice cream, he declared he’d beat the baseless charges, kept his plans to campaign in New Hampshire on the weekend, and even put out a T-shirt his PAC is selling for $25.

Will Republicans in the heat of a do or die midterm election take a chance on his image?  Do Perry’s prospects for 2016 appear no worse than ever under the cloud of his indictment?  Does this have Chris Christie and Scott Walker, no strangers to legal entanglements, asking, “Where do we get some of this?” Probably, probably, and probably.

We’ll also talk about the #IceBucketChallenge – a wildly successful fundraiser for ALS research – but not without its naysayers. And is America’s Second City ISIS’ first American target? And, Cher, you are SO a hawk!  

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