BuoHv9tIEdAA3KFTSyria is a mess, Iran is becoming a nuclear capable country, Hamas is in negotiations with North Korea for what is most likely to obtain a nuclear weapon, Libya is going the way Egypt did during it’s Muslim Brotherhood control period. A new hatred for Jews is exploding throughout the world via Hamas support rallies, ISIS is devastating Iraq with no real help from the USA to prevent it’s agenda as if it was a real life movie of 300 (The Spartans vs. Persians). In our own country Islam is gaining a foothold via immigration and even Sharia Law in our law system. With no gate keepers (border patrols) enforcing our laws via this administration anyone is able to just walk into our country. Besides bringing diseases, gang members, drug cartels, and possible ISIS members and other terrorists enter.

Our administration does nothing to stop any of this. This is what happens when Liberals get their way by having a President agree with their view that the USA is not the world police. The Liberal does not realize that each offense outside our country plays a part in our own national security. Is it intentional by this administration not to protect our interests?

We know that the IRS targeted conservatives. We know that this administration demonizes Christians, We know that every Muslim holiday is celebrated at the White House. We know that the President supports the Muslim Brotherhood. Is it a far reach to suggest that radical Islam is encouraged by this administration? Perhaps, but by doing nothing to stop it, is a version of support. By attacking those that would be against radical Islam is a version of support. By decimating our military, our borders, our laws, is a version of support.

Can you name another President, Republican or Democrat, that would allow our borders to be so open? or to de-fund a true Democracy in Egypt opposed to giving the evil democracy billions of dollars in money and military weapons? Can you name another President, any, that would take away religious freedoms protected in our Constitution? What President can you name would also turn our backs on our allies while capitulating and appeasing to evil regimes.

The American people elected Obama, yet we see his administration dismantling out country and values just as surely as he has our military. The American citizen, more the American Conservative citizen is under attack. Domestic policy has been altered, and by every disaster in the middle east our future protection is weaker and weaker. Make no mistake, ISIS and others have their sites on an ISLAM flag over our White House. They said it on CNN, Egyptian television, and ISIS spokesman recently made the same claim. If you do listen to the latest THE MARTY O RADIO SHOW I play clips of these clerics talking about it.

In short, Hamas, ISIS, and others must be wiped out, not throw a rock for a rock, or measured responses. They are growing, we are not. From domestic policies to foreign policy it all relates. One affects the other. We have two and a half years left of this King George President. We must elect another Lincoln, George Washington, Reagan. Can you imagine the harm Hillary or a Warren administration could do? or continue to do?

With so many countries in the state that they are in, we are in a form of a world war. It is a fight against radical Islam, but this administration and the media still will not recognize the true threats. They even go as far as supporting what would eventually destroy them. As I often say at the end of these short articles is: Get involved in local politics. Be a part of the solution. If you are able to in this economy support by donating to conservatives. Support rule of law candidates. And God Bless America.