Correspondent for The Jewish Press Online Lori Lowenthal Marcus joins Jeff & Tami for the entire hour.

JeffDunetzTwitter Jeff is a conservative voice from the People’s Republic of New York whose political news and commentary can be found at his own site,, at, and weekly in is political column in The Jewish Star.

Jeff has a quick wit and will ensure HDNR does not suffer a snark deficiency. TamiCropped

Tami Jackson is a lifelong conservative, a Christian, the grand-daughter of Norwegian immigrants, born and raised in Oregon.

A native of the state which is now 1/3 third of the West Coast Progressive Trifecta, Tami is a writer, editor and talk show host availing herself of all new media to chase the blues away!

Tami is the co-proprietor and Editor-In-Chief of and the host of the Tami Jackson Show on Tuesday nights on the 405.

Our guest tonight will be Lori Lowenthal Marcus. Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the U.S. correspondent for The Jewish Press online. Her beat is broad: all issues relating to Israel, the Middle East and other issues of concern to Jews in America.

Marcus is also the founder and president of Z STREET, an unabashedly Zionist organization. Z STREET believes in the right of Jews to live anywhere in the world, including in Judea and Samaria (frequently referred to as the “West Bank”). It also opposes Israel making concessions to, appeasing, or negotiating with terrorists.

In August, 2010, Z STREET sued the IRS Commissioner for viewpoint discrimination, a violation of the First Amendment, when it discovered the IRS treated its application differently than other applicants because its position on Israel differs from this administration’s, as told to it by the IRS agent assigned to Z STREET’s application.

The IRS later claimed it had to scrutinize our application because we might be funding terrorists in Israel, and/or that no one can sue the government.

Marcus is a Harvard Law School graduate and practiced First Amendment law, as well as taught in graduate and law schools in the Philadelphia area. She has two masters degrees from Bryn Mawr College and an undergraduate degree from Brandeis University.

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