It’s a busy evening for The Friddle Show!  We’ll bring you up to the minute election results from Colorado, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma, and Utah, as well as the run-off elections in Mississippi and South Carolina.  Will the Tea Party strike again in Mississippi, Oklahoma, and New York?  We’ll discuss!


Also joining us tonight will be Aaron Atwood, Director of Advancement for Summit Ministries in Colorado Springs.  Aaron is an expert on fundraising, and has an unparalleled understanding of how individuals and organizations on both sides of the aisle think about spending and finances.  We’ll discuss debt, growing the economy, and how to rediscover the American dream.

Also tonight: World Cup news, the treatment of service dogs, a contest you don’t want to miss… and #AskFriddle!  Send me your questions and comments on Twitter and I’ll answer them live on the air!  Want to chat?  Call me at 877-297-8022.  The fun begins at 9ET… tune in!

And, don’t forget: we’re back again tomorrow night at 9ET for another hour… with comedian John Crist!  Don’t miss it!