Michelle Malkin

The one and only Michelle Malkin will be joining me tonight on The Friddle Show!  We’ll discuss her recent visit to Pennsylvania to rally for paycheck protection, and get her take on the issues of Bowe Bergdahl and the Obama Administration’s foreign policy (or lack thereof).

We’re also going to talk about priorities on tonight’s show – and about what making a difference in this world really looks like.  I spent a good deal of time on vacation this past week reflecting on what is really important in life, about gains and losses, and about making decisions that affect more people than merely myself.  You see, this date, June 9th, is special to me.  Two years ago today, I witnessed a miracle that changed my outlook on life and propelled me to realize what I wanted to accomplish in this world… tonight, I’ll share this and more with you.

Naturally, we couldn’t have a Friddle Show without some crazy news, too!  So, tonight we’ll answer those age old questions of: does water in fact have feelings and, can we blame Facebook for HIV?  (And yes, if you guessed that last one is a government study, you’d be correct!)

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PS – did I forget to mention there’s a big announcement tonight about the future of The Friddle Show?  I did?  Oh, well, be sure to tune in tonight because we’ve got a big announcement coming that you don’t want to miss!