Like Galileo, Mark Steyn has been singled out for persecution by the modern Church of State. His crime, as a “global-warming denier,” is to impugn its priests.

The Church of State gets very upset when anyone threatens its money, power, or prestige. Mark should know – he and National Review have been specifically targeted as heretics, sued for libel by the very author of the fraudulent “hockey-stick” graph himself, the contemptible Michael Mann.

Mark’s punishment, as Mark often says, is “the process,” where the accused must spend, perhaps, millions of dollars, thousands of hours, and endure the stress of combat in order to simply retain the right to write his own opinions.

In Galileo’s time, church was government. These days, for all intents and purposes, government is the church. In Galileo’s time, the Church had its own scientists too. Galileo’s crime was not to cross them in theory, but to cross Church authority.

In the Church of State, blasphemy is decided not by priests with a Bible, but by an amalgam of government agencies and NGOs backed and funded by government agencies.

The Church of State calls on no ultimate moral authority for its codes of conduct; but renders moral judgment in circular reference to its own law.

The Church of State funds studies to create crises. These, in turn, create adherents, votes, donations, and cronies for the Church.

Climate “crisis” is the best: No one can prove that Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption doesn’t exist. Who can tell which came first ““ the Chicken-Little scientific studies or the rotten eggs of propaganda and persecution?

The Church of State never lets a crisis go to waste. It will find a way to benefit. It is self-serving.

The Church of State does not abide Judeo-Christian morality. It makes up its own morality as it goes along. It has no moral authority.

The Church of State has no soul. It cannot discern good from evil. It cannot be trusted.

The Church of State has an insatiable hunger. It can never be satisfied. It must be stopped.

MarkSteynMark Steyn, a.k.a @MarkSteynOnline, is one of the great thinkers, writers, and commentators of our time. He is, as Hugh Hewitt says, a “columnist of the world.” Sometimes he fills in for Rush Limbaugh, where he’s always a joy to hear.

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