Hope everyone had a very happy Easter!  And yes, heaven is for real… but you don’t get there by banning sugary drinks.  Or do you? New York City’s former Mayor Bloomberg has some interesting thoughts on this issue – we’ll discuss tonight on The Friddle Show!

Heaven is for Real


Also tonight, an update on the Bundy Ranch situation – how and why government workers may be reporting protestors, and what you can do about it if you’re in the area (AKA, tips for peaceful demonstrations).  We’ll also talk about a basketball player that *gasp* believes in creationism, religious propoganda, and the lone issue that could bring Democrats out in droves this election cycle.

Our guest this evening will be comedian John Crist.  He was homeschooled, and it was the goodest thing that happened to him!  As an extra bonus, he’s really funny.  Like, really.  Don’t take my word for it though, check out the brilliance below and be sure to tune in tonight!

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