Venezuela's commercial oil exports have come to a near halt as the country faces increasing scrutiny and restrictions on its oil trade, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The move comes amidst a broader crackdown on Venezuela's oil exports, as the US and other countries seek to tighten restrictions on the country's oil trade and put pressure on the government to address concerns around human rights and political freedoms.

As a result of the restrictions, Venezuela's oil exports have reportedly plummeted, with many of its largest customers cutting back or ceasing purchases altogether. The country is now reportedly reviewing its options and exploring alternative markets, as it seeks to diversify its export base and reduce its reliance on traditional buyers.

The restrictions on Venezuela's oil exports also highlight the ongoing challenges facing the global energy market, as countries seek to balance environmental concerns with economic growth and energy security. As demand for fossil fuels continues to wane and new technologies and energy sources emerge, countries like Venezuela will face increasing pressure to adapt and evolve their energy strategies in order to remain competitive and meet changing global demand.

Overall, the near halt in Venezuela's commercial oil exports underscores the challenges facing the country and the global energy market more broadly, and highlights the need for careful planning and strategic thinking as countries seek to navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain global environment.