The Jayson Veley Program

Telling it like it is and dismantling liberalism in the process.

The democrats are attacking Melania Trump for reciting the Lord's Prayer at a rally this past weekend. Meanwhile, liberal congressmen are trying to invoke the 25th Amendment to force Trump out of office
Why haven't the republicans put forth any legislation that advances conservatism? What happened to their promises to immediately repeal Obamacare and cut taxes?
A U.S. intellegence official says the transcripts of Michael Flynn's phone calls do not reveal any wrongdoing. Surprise, surprise...
Sources have revealed that Obama officials participated in an elabortate scheme to oust Michael Flynn
If the liberals are so against Donald Trump's immigration ban, what is their solution to the threat of radical Islamic terrorism being imported into our country?
It's amazing how all of a sudden, there are so many left wing "constitutional scholars" around is. The democrats do not stand for the Constitution, they stand for the fundamental transformation of it.
The 9th Circuit Court has upheld the block on Donald Trump's travel ban
Students at Berkeley publish columns in the school paper supporting the riots that took place on campus
There is a difference between "America first" and "Americanism first."
A Seattle Judge has blocked Donald Trump's immigration executive order, demonstrating a blatant example of judicial overreach
When liberals are not in power, their true persona is revealed.
Donald Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court
Barack Obama breaks his silence to condemn Donald Trump's immigration agenda
Donald Trump is under attack by leftists for trying to keep Americans safe. It's time to rally around him and support him on this issue
A 20% tariff on imports from Mexico is nothing but a tax on the American consumer. To spur economic growth, we should be embracing captialism and free trade
Donald Trump should be commended for his efforts to keep Americans safe through his various policies
Donald Trump has been on an executive order streak this week, and while I support most of them as a matter of policy, the accumulation of power within the executive branch is alarming
Will Donald Trump follow through with his promise to undo Obama's unconstitutional DACA program?
Ashley Judd's speech at the Women's March in Washington DC was vile and repulsive, and every female in this country should be condeming her for wanting to speak on their behalves
Donald Trump is now the 45th president of the United States. Barack Obama is officially out of the Oval Office, but conservative still have battles to fight