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It is time for us to get serious about North Korea, and do what is necessary to keep America safe
Mitch McConnell is once again betraying conservatives
A new poll indiciates that conservative students are less likely to speak out in class than liberal students
Why isn't the entire Republican Party demanding investigations into Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton?
The best of Jayson Veley
The State Department is now blaming Israel for inciting violence with the Palestinians
The main difference between republicans and conservatives is that conservatives have integrity. The GOP has failed to keep their promise to repeal Obamacare.
Some advice for Democrats as the 2018 elections get closer
The only collusion with the Russians that has taken place over the past few years has come from the left, not the right.
A new report reveals that Obama's Justice Department let the Russian lawyer that met with Donald Trump Jr. into the coutnry on "extraordinary circumstances."
It's time to refocus and start talking again about the issues that matter.
The New York Times attack on Donald Trump Jr. sounds like just another left wing smear
The left's constant attacks on the Second Amendment are about creating a country that is all about the collective, not the individual.
A terrible shooting today in Virginia has inspired the left to once again make a push for gun control
Today's hearing summed up in a nutshell: "Mr. Sessions, have you ever spoken to, shook hands with, or laid eyes upon a Russian?"
In order to defeat the left, you need to understand them
James Comey's buddy from Columbia Law School has been forced into hiding
Former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier today
Students are now walking around with baseball bats at Evergreen State College. The response from the administration? Pretty much nothing at all.