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Donald Trump has caved on his demands for a down payment on the border wall
A review of Donald Trump's first three months in office
Dennis Kucinich is now calling Donald Trump a warmonger.
A planned speech by conservative writer and lecturer David Horowitz was cancelled at the University of California at Berkeley amid fears that students would riot
The Obama Administration obtained a FISA court warrent to monitor Trump advisor Carter Page
Vladimir Putin has a choice between the United States and ASsad
Devin Nunes has decided to step aside from the investigation into Donald Trump's alleged collusion with the Russians
The democrats are trying to accuse Neil Gorsuch of plagiarism in a last ditch effort to destroy his nomination to the Supreme Court
New reports indicate that Susan Rice requested intelligence on Trump associates
A new undercover video produced by the Center for Medical Progress reveals shocking revelations regarding Planned Parenthood
The Republican Party will only succeed if they return to their conservative roots and begin to once again honor their promises
If the GOP leadership continues to break their promises, they deserve to go down in flames in the next election cycle.
Elijah Cummings has called for an investigation into House Intelligence Chairmen Devin Nunes. Will it ever end?
A boy was told by school leaders that he had to tolerate sharing a locker room with a female student
Young conservatives have a habit of reaching the top and then throwing their principles out the window
James Comeys testimoney before the House Intelligence Committee today revealed nothing we didn't already know.
Big government republicans are already coming out against Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts
The liberals are trying to make a big deal out of Donald Trump's 2005 tax returns, but the facts show that he paid more in taxes than most
The CBO report on Trumpcare is proof that the republicans need to go further and fully repeal the Affordable Care Act