The Jayson Veley Program

Telling it like it is and dismantling liberalism in the process.

The left's constant attacks on the Second Amendment are about creating a country that is all about the collective, not the individual.
A terrible shooting today in Virginia has inspired the left to once again make a push for gun control
Today's hearing summed up in a nutshell: "Mr. Sessions, have you ever spoken to, shook hands with, or laid eyes upon a Russian?"
In order to defeat the left, you need to understand them
James Comey's buddy from Columbia Law School has been forced into hiding
Former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier today
Students are now walking around with baseball bats at Evergreen State College. The response from the administration? Pretty much nothing at all.
A new report indicates that Iran may be advancing their nuclear program faster than we think
Kathy Griffin is now whining and complaining because the entire country is disgusted at a picture she published earlier this week with a bloody Trump mask.
Donald Trump has decided that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. This is a tremendous victory for America's economy
The liberals do not, and never have, stood for tolerance and inclusiveness.
The disgraceful Vox.com published an article smearing the United States Marine Corps on Memorial Day
The fascists on the left are determined to silence all opposition. Media Matters is now launching an all out assault on Fox News host Sean Hannity
Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy says that he is worried Trump's "rhetoric" will inspire another large ISIS attack on American soil
Weighing in on the student walkout that took place during Mike Pence's commencement address at the University of Notre Dame
Donald Trump should fight fire with fire and call for a special prosecutor to investigate the Obama administrations unmasking of individuals in the Trump transition team
The one thing that the liberals hate more than Donald Trump is not being in power. Even if Donald Trump is impeached, they will not stop with the lies and the manufactured scandals.
Based on what we know right now, President Trump did nothing unlawful or unconstitutional with regards to Russia and the firing of James Comey
There is a concerted effort by congressional liberals, some republicans and the mainstream media to impeach the president of the United States