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The fascists on the left are determined to silence all opposition. Media Matters is now launching an all out assault on Fox News host Sean Hannity
Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy says that he is worried Trump's "rhetoric" will inspire another large ISIS attack on American soil
Weighing in on the student walkout that took place during Mike Pence's commencement address at the University of Notre Dame
Donald Trump should fight fire with fire and call for a special prosecutor to investigate the Obama administrations unmasking of individuals in the Trump transition team
The one thing that the liberals hate more than Donald Trump is not being in power. Even if Donald Trump is impeached, they will not stop with the lies and the manufactured scandals.
Based on what we know right now, President Trump did nothing unlawful or unconstitutional with regards to Russia and the firing of James Comey
There is a concerted effort by congressional liberals, some republicans and the mainstream media to impeach the president of the United States
Chuck Schumer is threatening to block any new FBI Directors until a special prosecutor is appointed
James Clapper, the serial liar and former director of National Intelligence, claims that Trump's account of a recent meeting between him and James Comey is inaccurate
The freedom of speech is under attack on college campuses across the country
The liberals are claiming that Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey is evidence that he colluded with the Russians
FBI Director James Comey has been fired
Donald Trump has selected his daughter Ivanka, a known liberal and environmentalist, to review the United States' role in the Paris Climate Agreement
The House has passed the American Healthcare Act
Is the idea of a government shutdown really as scary as people make it out to be?
It's incredible how even when Republicans control all three branches of government, they still fail to get things done
Bill Shine is out at Fox News
Donald Trump has caved on his demands for a down payment on the border wall
A review of Donald Trump's first three months in office