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@TheFriddle Show brings you family friendly, politically incorrect news commentary from a young, Christian, conservative perspective.

Krystal Heath, also known as “Friddle,” is our host.  She has a great  passion for God, her family (she’s the oldest of seven children!), and her country.  Krystal has staffed and volunteered for numerous political campaigns and is currently employed by the Pennsylvania legislature.

A two time recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award, Krystal has worked with humanitarian and mission organizations on five continents and sits on the Board of the non-profit organization The Fatherless Cry.  In 2012, Krystal received a PhD in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University and published her first book, God and Government.

You can also catch Krystal on Wednesday nights, 9ET/6PT, hosting our brand new panel show, The Millennials!

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