ltn hour


The LTN HOUR started in 1985 on the Milwaukee/Waukesha, WI. MRN affiliate WAUK/AM.

Brainchild of host Todd Behling, “LTN” added co-host and technical advisor Ed Cluka three seasons later. Along
with producer “Dangerous” Dan Margetta and engineered by Matt (hangover) Losee. “LTN” syndicated in 1993.

The program is currently heard on 6 stations in 4 states and also on the Internet.

Humorist Behling is the long time track announcer at Slinger (WI) Speedway.

Technical guru Ed Cluka, through his ” Ed Cluka Marketing” firm “ECM” represents several  after-market racing
equipment manufacturers, and deals with the racing community on a daily basis.

Together they form an infectious, witty team that racing loyalists have come to make a part of their Sunday