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CANUSA Sports Desk is a weekly Sports Radio Show. Hosts Derek Marques based out of Canada and Cale Iorg based in the Unites States talk about the week in Sports with their weekly guests.

Have you ever wondered what professional athletes think about when they’re not on the job?

Does it seem like there aren’t a lot of sports sites out there that talk about something more than box scores and stats?

Professional athletes are, first and foremost, human beings. But many fans don’t really seem to think of them that way. Why is that?

The answer is simple: pro athletes are presented in a certain way; a way which concentrates all of your attention on their on-field performance. Many don’t see beyond the surface because of that. However, these athletes have lives far beyond just what happens in the games in which they play.

CANUSA Sports Desk was created with that in mind. Sure, we talk sports. But we also strive to go a little deeper into the minds of the guests who appear on our weekly show.

We might ask a star baseball player to talk about his favorite college football team. We’ll talk music with a top hockey prospect. We may even get into politics with a guest from the NFL. Or religion with a point guard from the NBA.

The fact is, while these are young men and women whom we have come to admire for their accomplishments, there’s so much more to them than just homers and goals and touchdowns. That’s what we at CANUSA Sports Desk will strive to bring you, every week, from any sport you might follow.

Football, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, curling, golf…whatever you watch, we’re watching it, too. We want to bring you the side of the game you won’t see anywhere else: the personal side. Call it a ‘holistic’ approach to sports media.


CANUSA Sports Desk with Derek Marques

CANUSA Sports Desk is a weekly Podcast that talks to athletes every week about the biggest topics in the sports world. CANUSA Sports Desk "Where Athletes Act Like Fans" We are also heard on: Google Play Music iHeart Radio iTunes Overcast Player FM Sound Cloud Spreaker Stitcher TuneIn

Former PGA Golfer Scott Gardiner talks to Derek Marques about being the first Aboriginal Golfer to obtain a PGA Tour Card. The guys also talk about what advice they would give Tiger Woods about his current situation, Charles Oakley being escorted out of Madison Square Garden, what the Arkansas Razorbacks need to do in order to punch their ticket into March Madness and more.

Former Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe joins Derek Marques to talk about his playing days in the NFL and current projects he has been working on since his time in the NFL. The guys also discuss Super Bowl LI, if the Oakland Raiders will move to San Diego if the deal to Las Vegas fall through, if baseball should limit the number of mound visits to speed up the game and more.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats CB and former Cincinnati Bengals player Rico Murray joins Derek Marques to talk about what the Atlanta Falcons need to do in order to win Super Bowl LI, what other pieces the Cleveland Cavaliers need to add to their team to defend their Championship, are the Cincinnati Reds better off with or without Joey Votto and more

Former Major League Baseball Left Hander Justin Thomas joins Derek Marques and Sam Mendelsohn to talk about the 2017 Cooperstown inductees. The guys also talk about the upcoming NHL All Star Game, if Matt Ryan as proven himself to be an elite Playoff QB, thoughts of Jim Harbough’s first two seasons in Ann Arbor and more.

Former Calgary Stampeders WR Sederrik Cunningham joins Derek Marques and Sam Mendelsohn to talk about who is the dark horse entering this year's NFL Playoffs. The guys also talk about if the Columbus Blue Jackets are for real, what will happen between Alabama and Clemson in the National Championship Game, what the Orlando Magic need to do in order to turn around their franchise and more.

PGA Golfer Zac Blair joins Derek Marques and Sam Mendelsohn to talk about what Christmas is like in the Blair household. They also discuss the Oakland Raiders chances of being successful in the NFL Playoffs without QB Derek Carr, if any of the Final Four Teams in the College Football Playoffs can stop the Alabama Crimson Tide, who is the blame for Edwin Encarnacion departing Toronto and more.