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CANUSA Sports Desk is a weekly Sports Radio Show. Hosts Derek Marques based out of Canada and Cale Iorg based in the Unites States talk about the week in Sports with their weekly guests.

Have you ever wondered what professional athletes think about when they’re not on the job?

Does it seem like there aren’t a lot of sports sites out there that talk about something more than box scores and stats?

Professional athletes are, first and foremost, human beings. But many fans don’t really seem to think of them that way. Why is that?

The answer is simple: pro athletes are presented in a certain way; a way which concentrates all of your attention on their on-field performance. Many don’t see beyond the surface because of that. However, these athletes have lives far beyond just what happens in the games in which they play.

CANUSA Sports Desk was created with that in mind. Sure, we talk sports. But we also strive to go a little deeper into the minds of the guests who appear on our weekly show.

We might ask a star baseball player to talk about his favorite college football team. We’ll talk music with a top hockey prospect. We may even get into politics with a guest from the NFL. Or religion with a point guard from the NBA.

The fact is, while these are young men and women whom we have come to admire for their accomplishments, there’s so much more to them than just homers and goals and touchdowns. That’s what we at CANUSA Sports Desk will strive to bring you, every week, from any sport you might follow.

Football, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, curling, golf…whatever you watch, we’re watching it, too. We want to bring you the side of the game you won’t see anywhere else: the personal side. Call it a ‘holistic’ approach to sports media.


CANUSA Sports Desk with Derek Marques

CANUSA Sports Desk is a weekly Podcast that talks to athletes every week about the biggest topics in the sports world. CANUSA Sports Desk "Where Athletes Act Like Fans" We are also heard on: Google Play Music iHeart Radio iTunes Overcast Player FM Sound Cloud Spreaker Stitcher TuneIn

Chicago Bears LB Lamarr Houston joins Derek Marques to talk about how his rehab from his ACL is going that saw him miss most of the 2016 NFL Season and also in honor of Mother's Day what his mother means to him. The guys also talk about if Tom Brady will be affected by the EA Sports Madden Football Cover Curse, if the San Antonio Spurs have any chance of beating the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Western Conference Finals, what their lasting memory of Derek Jeter be and more.

Former Toronto Maple Leafs 1st Round Pick in 2001 and NHL Defenceman Carlo Colaiacovo joins Derek Marques to talk about his hockey journey that has taken him all over the World. The guys also talk about if it is time for Sidney Crosby to start considering his health after suffering his fourth concussion, what happened at Fenway Park between Red Sox fans and Orioles OF Adam Jones, the newest Basketball shoes on the market the Big Baller Brand ZO2’s and more.

Former NHL Defenceman for Mike Weaver joins Derek Marques to talk about what he has been upto since his final game with the Montreal Canadiens. The guys also talk about some of Mike’s stories of playing in the NHL, what advice he has for parents, Edmonton Oilers fans singing the US National Anthem, if there are any teams left in the NHL Playoffs that can stop the Pittsburgh Penguins, the NHL Draft Lottery and more.

University of Washington S Brandon Beaver joins Derek Marques to talk about how he is spending his NFL Draft weekend as he waits for his phone to ring. The guys also talk about the Chicago Bears trading up to get Mark Trubisky, Dalvin Cook dropping to the middle of the Second Round to the Minnesota Viking, Dwyane Wade’s comments about him not needing to go “Ring Chasing” and more.

Utah State DB Daniel Gray joins Derek Marques to talk about his college journey from freshman to senior as he prepares for the NFL Draft. The guys also talk about the diluted drug tests being handed in at the NFL combine, if we will see the Beastmode of old when Marshawn Lynch suites up for the Raiders next season, if the start the New York Yankees have got themselves off to is legit or not and more.

Former NHL Goalie of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs and Los Angeles Kings J.S. Aubin talks to Derek Marques about what mindset it takes to be a goalie in the NHL. The guys also talk about the Second Round of the 2017 NHL Playoffs, if Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau have overstayed their welcome in San Jose, if Tiger Woods will ever play on the PGA again and more.

North Carolina Central LB Emmanuel Henry-Ajudua talks to Derek Marques about his transition from Nigeria to America. The guys also talk about the Houston Texas QB Situation, the media coverage of the death of Aaron Hernandez, if Arsenal should cut ties with Legendary Coach Arsene Wenger and more.

Minnesota State RB Virgil Hammond joins Derek Marques to share some stories from his final game in Highschool to his final game in College with the Mavericks. The guys also discuss who they think will be the starting QB for the Chicago Bears next season, how this Chicago Bulls team appears to be built for the playoffs, Steph Curry removing himself from social media for the playoffs and more.

Rhode Island QB Danny Farley joins Derek Marques to talk about what he needs to do to prepare to make the jump from College Football to Pro Football. They also talk about what is the best option for Jay Cutler at this point of his career, Paul George’s comments towards Lance Stephenson stating his needs to do a better job controlling himself on the court, Pirates Starling Marte’s 80 game suspension for PED and more.

Jacksonville State WR Anthony Johnson joins Derek Marques to talk about his current journey through football he is taking to get to the next level. The guys also talk about their reactions to the death of former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez, what the New England Patriots should do wit Jimmy Garrapolo, should Golden State Warriors and their fans be worried about Kevin Durant’s calf and more

University of Buffalo LB Brandon Berry joins Derek Marques to talk about his experience at Buffalo Bills Regional Draft Camp and reminisces of his favorite memories of playing College Football with his teammates. The guys also discuss Derek Carr’s comments about the Raiders fans that will not be supporting the team post move to Las Vegas, what should be the Seattle Seahawks number one priority at the upcoming NFL Draft, how far can the Houston Rockets go in the NBA Playoffs and more.

Jacksonville State OT Nick Johnson joins Derek Marques to talk about how he has been preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft participating at Senior Day and the NFL Regional Combine in New Orleans but also what his strategy is when it comes to eating a chicken wing. The guys also talk about the Bills still contemplating on picking up Sammy Watkins option, Prozingis skilling his exit interview with the New York Knicks, what team will be upset in the opening round of the NBA Playoffs and more.

Former NHL Coach and General Manager Pierre Page joins Derek Marques to talk about what it takes to become a coach in the NHL. They also look back at Page’s famous trade of Eric Lindros to the Philadelphia Flyers, should the Toronto Raptors clean house if they lose their opening round NBA series to the Milwaukee Bucks, what a Men’s FIFA World Cup in Canada would do to Soccer in Canada and more.

Weber State Safety Josh Burton joins Derek Marques to talk about how his college football career happened at Weber State and where he plans to take it next. The guys also talk about if the New Orleans Saints should take a QB in the mid rounds of this years NFL Draft to be groomed by Drew Brees, what else does Russell Westbrook need to do for the Oklahoma City Thunder this season, reactions to New York Knicks Present Phil Jackson stating that Carmelo Anthony would be better off somewhere else and more.

Boise State CB Ray Ford joins Derek Marques to talk about how it was to play on the famous blue field of Boise. The guys also talk about how Marshawn Lynch would help the Raiders “if” he comes out of retirement, should the Cleveland Browns even attempt to draft a QB in this years NFL Draft, if available should the Los Angeles Lakers draft UCLA Bruins Freshman Lonzo Ball and more.

Lorenzo Allen OT for Northwest Oklahoma State joins Derek Marques to talk about how he hopes to continue his dream to be a professional football player despite suffering an offseason back injury. The guys also debate of the pairing of Siemian & Paxton is a good fit for the Denver Broncos at QB, should the Cleveland Cavaliers fear the Indiana Pacers and Paul George in Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs, will the winner of the Westbrook vs Harden playoff series also lead to NBA MVP and more.

Missouri Valley safety Stephen Thayer joins Derek Marques to talk about his preparation for professional football, possibly in the National Football League or the Canadian Football League. The guys also talk about if it is time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to start looking for their next Starting QB post Big Ben, what threat the Portland Trailblazers will bring to the Golden State Warriors, if the San Francisco Giants can revive Melvin Upton Jr. career and more.

Western Illinois DT Steven Mercado joins Derek Marques to talk about how the NFL Draft Process at times is similar to speed dating. The guys also discuss if the San Francisco 49ers should trade the 2nd overall pick, does the NFL need to do something to avoid franchises from leaving town overnight like the Raiders and Chargers have this offseason, thoughts of Mark Cuban wanting Tony Romo to check into an NBA game for the Dallas Mavericks and more.

North Carolina Central DE/LB Fredrick Henry–Ajudua joins Derek Marques to talk about his journey from Nigerian Soccer Player to American NFL Draft hopeful. The guys also talk about who wins the NBA MVP, can Barcelona pull off another comeback vs Juventus in Champions League Soccer and more.

PGA Golfer Justin Hicks joins Derek Marques to talk about his own PGA Tour Card. The guys also discuss Sunday at Augusta and the battle between Rose and Garcia, if the Detroit Lions should make a trade with Seattle for Richard Sherman, what the Detroit Pistons need to do in the off season and Justin shares his favorite memory of Joe Louis Arena as Detroit says good bye once and for all to “The Joe”.