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Welcome to

The Virginia Conservative Podcast with a little humor…

The podcast was started in 2012 by Dan Robinson and Paul Vaught. They are two guys from Richmond, Virginia that are politically right-of-center.  The goal of the podcast is to relieve the people we live with from our constant chatter for a few hours a week.  We cover hard-hitting news, which these days means Hollywood pets, child-raising how-to magazines and cursory coverage of huge debt-producing government waste and abuse.  They keep the podcast clean and hope you enjoy it.

Dan Robinson is a West Point graduate and former U.S. Army Officer.  He has an MBA and has lived all over the United States, (West) Germany, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, South Korea and Australia.  He started in politics as an intern for Senator James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma.  He is a former GOP County Chairman of the Year in Virginia’s 4th Congressional District and also won GOP County Unit of the Year in Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District.  He has a background in IT and security consulting for Fortune 500 Companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Paul Vaught, the Duke of Sussex, (as usual) missed the deadline and didn’t submit anything for his biography.  Paul’s resume is heavily referenced in the podcast as fodder so listen to find out more.  He is funny and insightful and the self-proclaimed Duke of Sussex.

Listen to our latest podcast here every week and catch up on the past 10 podcasts at or on iTunes, or various Android podcast apps (we recommend PocketCast).