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Politically Speaking (POPS), hosted by Texas-based N. Scott Jones, is on The 405 Radio network, based in Los Angeles, CA.  POPS is a center-right talk show covering Washington DC politics and policy, attracting A-list guests from politics and the national news media.

“I am so excited to be joining one of the very best operations in online radio and content out there today, emanating from the conservative POV,” said the show’s host Scott Jones. “The 405 Media company, and its owner John Grant, are honest brokers of astute commentary on the issues facing everyday Americans.  The 405 has a loyal audience base, and I hope adding my audience to the mix will make a positive contribution to The 405 in this burgeoning media category.”

“Scott Jones is a national talk treasure,” said John Grant, President of The 405 Media. “His show regularly features the country’s top thought leaders, journalists, and media personalities. Our goal is to showcase the best in live streaming talk, and Scott is a big contribution to that”

Scott Jones spent more than two years with Indiana Talks, and its predecessor The Gary Snyder Show on WBAT 1400 in Northern Indiana.  Jones is a career public relations veteran and campaign strategist, having served three US presidents and two Texas governors.  An accomplished editorial columnist, his columns have appeared in The Dallas Morning News, Boston Herald and, during the 2012 presidential elections, was a recurring columnist for The Daily Caller.

The 405 Radio started off as a single live show two years ago and has grown into a highly talked about outlet for talk.  The 405  is committed to lead in adding new voices and growth outside the echo chamber.

Pissed Off, Politically Speaking will broadcast at 10 a.m. Eastern every Monday.  The first installment of POPS on The 405 Radio is currently scheduled for April 7 and will stream live at