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About Pete:


I was a Computer Tech who used to blog at the HiWired blog before we were all laid off and let go.

I started the blog in Nov 2008 on wordpress ( and it grew to the point where I moved it to it’s current location. I’ve been on the list of the top 150 Conservative blog sites for over a year with an Alexa Rank as of today (12/4/13) in the top 100,000 worldwide and the top 21,000 nationally.

In November of 2012 we added our Magnificent Seven Bloggers, (Marathon Pundit, Linda Szugyi, Baldilocks, Fausta, Lady Liberty 1885, Pastor George Kelly & Steve Eggleston)

Since then written an op-ed for the New York Post been a guest on Fox in Boston, Lars Larson’s national show, the Angel Clark show (Delaware) Hair on Fire with Barbara Espinosa (Arizona) and of course Michael Graham’s show. I’ve guest hosted Conservatively Speaking and Gary’s show and been credentialed media on the Mitt Romney Campaign, the Scott Brown campaign at CPAC since 2010 and blogcon and have interviewed presidential candidates after national debates on camera.