If you produce a regular (at least weekly podcast) we’ll stream it for free.  We can work with both live streams and RSS feeds. Simple. We’ll stream it and promote it in social media (Twitter, etc.) and you need not do any extra work. Click the Contact link below.


Do you have a podcast or show on blogtalkradio you want to upgrade to broadcast quality? Tired of everyone sounding like they are on bad dialup connections?

One hour produced weekly of live talk streamed over seven audio options, without subscription to your listeners, including Roku, iTunes, Tunein, and Live365, unlimited co-hosts, as Skype permits, two back door numbers for your guests and one toll free number for your listeners/callers, a home page on, and your own MP3 podcast after the show – $110/month for two month commitment. $100/month for six month commitment. Subject to hours of availability.

Your show is produced in 128k streaming audio and supported by most third party audio players. Your show airs live once a week and streams along with our 24/7 talk after live broadcast.  We promote you in social media. You’re good. We make you sound good. Blogtalkradio isn’t free. Our platform sounds better than theirs. If you want a professionally produced show, we can make that investment happen. Click the Contact link below.


One sixty second spot read live on shows of your choice plus a 60 second recorded spot on the rest of our live shows and streamed 24/7 over iTunes, Tunein, Roku, and Live365 – $110/month for two month commitment. $100/month for six month commitment.

Professionally written and produced copy. Includes one 250 x 300 banner ad in the right column of, which is always visible to site visitors no matter where they navigate, linked to your site. Click the Contact link below.

Want just a banner ad? $50/month.


Contact us today for the details!