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1582 - May 23, 2017 - Liberal Democrats & John McCain Scream RUSSIA & Impeachment While President Donald Trump Gains Allies To Fight ISIS. Democrat Liberals (John McCain) Scream Climate Change While ISIS Commits Suicide For Genocide... The post EVIL NEVER TAKES A REST – SUICIDE FOR GENOCIDE appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1581 - May 22, 2017 - John Duarte Of Duarte Nurseries Tells His Story... The EPA Makes Mountains Out of Furrow Tops Of Plowed Ground To Claim Small Mountain Ranges... Duarte Nurseries Another VICTIM Of Land Grab & Abuse By The FAR REACHING EPA. The post WHY DO AMERICANS PUT UP WITH BURDENS UNNECESSARILY LAID UPON THEM BY THEIR GOVERNMENT INC appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1580 - May 19. 2017 - Colleges & Universities Teaching Youth Socialistic Ways, Elizabeth Warren (filthy rich) Wants To Cut You Open! Climate Change Data Is Manipulated To Influence The Public! Why Is College Expensive: UC President Janet Napolitano Hid $175 Million, While Raising Tuition (Rebroadcast from May 1, 2017) The post I’M ANGRY! DC OCCUPIERS – DECEPTIVE AND CORRUPT! ELIZABETH WARREN WANTS TO “CUT YOU OPEN” appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1579 - May 18, 2017 - The HATERS Conspire, Plot and Frame President Donald Trump -THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP ~ They HATE The Republic Who Elected Trump! First They Obstruct And Then They Plot To Bring Him Down & Out. BUT... The President Will Not Fall! What Is It They Fear? Will Donald Trump Turn AMERIKA Over To Putin?? The post THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: THEY SPY (SURVEILLANCE), THEY PLOT, THEY PLAN… THEY WILL FAIL appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1578 - May 17, 2017 - C.J. Hadley of RANGE MAGAZINE 26 Years 100th Issue!! Unsung Heroes, Writers, Poets, Teachers Activists... Truth In Journalism Alive & Well in Range Magazine! The post UNSUNG HEROES AND PATRIOTS! TRUTH IN JOURNALISM IS NOT DEAD – RANGE MAGAZINE LIVES FOR LIBERTY: 26 YEARS 100TH ISSUE appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1577 - May 16, 2017 - Michael Cutler Retired INS Senior Special Agent. Immigration: Legal & Illegal, Criminals, Making America SAFE! CSC Talk Radio #1 Show on KYBN May 8-15 THANK YOU KYBN! The post BACK TO MAKING AMERICA SAFE AGAIN – OUR IMMIGRATION CRISIS!! appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1576 - May 15, 2017 - Two Scoops of Ice Cream For Me Please! (I prefer Thousand Island Dressing) "We've Lost Control Of Our Destiny"...because We've Forgotten From Whence We Came & "The Freedom Our Founding Fathers Implored Us To Maintain... The Freedom to Stay Out Of Wars Of Foreign Countries and Faraway Continents." (Pat Buchanan) Insurance Isn't Health Care! The post 2 SCOOPS FOR ME PLEASE! “WE’VE LOST CONTROL OF OUR DESTINY” ~ INSURANCE ISN’T HEALTH CARE! appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1575 - May 12, 2017 - FREE-4-ALL-FRIDAY: Are The Russians A Threat? Are Conservatives Discriminated Against? Senate And Healthcare The post FREE-4-ALL-FRIDAY: LION AND TIGERS AND BEAR, OH MY! RUSSIANS AND RUSSIANS AND RUSSIANS… SAY WHAAAT? appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1574 - May 11, 2017 - Bill Norton Our New Guest & Friend: Ranger Rights & Resources Symposium; May 19-20 Omaha Nebraska At Bellevue University. LIFE - LIBERTY AND PROPERTY! What Is Natural Law? The post LIFE – LIBERTY – PROPERTY! NATURAL LAW! appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1573 - May 10, 2017 - Melody Cedarstrom Of Discount Gold & Silver Trading Joins Beth Ann - FBI Director James Comey FIRED! All The Noise Is NOT News, All The Chatter Barely Hits What Matters At Home! The Dems Are NEVER Happy! Each American Must Prepare At Home; DC Occupiers Care NOT About We The People - Closing Stores & Banks Sign OF Bad Economy The post FBI DIRECTORY JAMES COMEY FIRED! ALL THE NOISE IS NOT NEWS, ALL THE CHATTER BARELY HITS WHAT MATTERS HERE AT HOME appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.