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1671 - September 25, 2017 - Our Flag Doesn't Represent The Worst Of Us, It Represents The Bravest & Best of Us... NFL & Players Are Displaying The WRONG Agenda & Attitude For America "There She Stands" Even When You Take A Knee Against Her! American Men & Women Of All Colors Died For Freedom & Liberty The post OLD GLORY STANDS FOR EVERY AMERICAN… EVEN WHEN YOU TAKE A KNEE AGAINST HER ~ NFL IS WRONG! appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1670 - September 22m 2017 - "HAPPY FALL Y'ALL" ~ FREE-4-ALL-FRIDAY, Bullying From The Left, Priorities & The Wall! Do You Want A Socialist-Democracy OR A Republic... If The Electoral College Is Banished Liberty Will Be NO MORE! The post HAPPY FALL Y’ALL, BULLYING FROM THE LEFT… IF ELECTORAL COLLEGE IS BANISHED LIBERTY WILL BE NO MORE! appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1668 - September 21, 2017 - President Trump Is Only The FRONT Guy, It's We The People The Deep States HATES! What About ELD... Bureaucracy Infringing On All Aspects Of Our Lives... Do You Want A Republic OR A The Socialistic-Democracy (Deep State Promotes) The post WE THE PEOPLE ARE ENEMY OF THE DEEP-STATE… WHAT ABOUT ELD? appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1668 - September 20, 2017 - President Donald Trump Speaks At The UN Assembly... North Korea's "Rocketman"~ The US Flag Must Be Respected... "Where Is AG Jeff Sessions? Lawsuits, Special Counsels, Investagations & Probs... Costing Americans Dollars & Liberty! The post “ROCKETMAN: KIM JONG UN” ~ PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP SPEAKS AT THE UN… GOOD? BAD? “WORDS OF WAR?” appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1668 - September 19, 2017 - "I Want A GREAT Home Loan" ~ Don Carriker & Beth Ann Discuss Bringing Honesty, Integrity & Christian Values Into Your Businesses... AND Conservatives Using & Supporting Other Conservatives The post BRINGING AMERICA HOME BY SUPPORTING & USING CONSERVATIVE COMPANIES ~ WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CAMPAIGN PROMISE? appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1667 - September 18, 2017 - Mowing The White House Lawn! It's Not The Bill Of Feelings...Constitution Day... "Beware How You Trifle with Your Marvelous Inheritance...For If We Stumble & Fall, Freedom & Civiliztion Everywhere Will Go Down In Ruin." The post NOT THE BILL OF FEELINGS! MOWING YARDS! US CONSTITUTION! appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1665 - September 15, 2017 - FREE-4-ALL-FRIDAY: America Has Lost It's Way Out Of Ignorance Of Who We Are Under the Constitution. The DAKA "Deal" ~ Superman Is A Traitor, I'll Take Captain America, Please. The post SUPERMAN IS A TRAITOR, I’LL TAKE CAPTAIN AMERICA PLEASE, AMERICA HAS LOST IT’S WAY… SEPT 17 IS CONSTITUTION DAY… FREE-4-ALL-FRIDAY appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1664 - September 14, 2017 - John Goodwin, Galaxy Press: Battlefield Earth! BOOK GIVEAWAY!! President Trump Meets With "Chuck & Nancy" ~ DACA & Amnesty, Building A Wall On The Border... Christians Under Persectuion In America's Freedom Of Religion Nation... Will You Carry Your Cross? Will We Build The Wall? The post WILL WE BUILD THE WALL? TWO-FOLD SHOW… FROM ALIENS BEYOND (BATTLEFIELD EARTH) TO AMNESTY FOR ALIENS appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1663 - September 13, 2017 - Discount Gold & Silver Trading: Melody Cedarstrom Buy Gold & Silver...USA Is Broke! The post BUY GOLD AND SILVER… THE USA IS BROKE! appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1662 - September 12, 2017 - Steve Bannon: Phase 2?? Going After RINO Republicans Who Have Not Supported President Trump's Agenda... We The People, The Republic Must Drain The Swamp - The Swamp Is Congress! Have Grocery Costs Gone Down? The post HAVE GROCERY COSTS DECLINED? PHASE 2 ~ THE REPUBLIC MUST DRAIN THE SWAMP – THE SWAMP IS CONGRESS! appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.