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1516 - February 20, 2017 - "About George Washington's Birthday"  ~ T-Rex (Tillerson) Fires 7th Floor Elite "Shadow Government" ~ President Donald Trump's Rally - Huge Turn Out! The post HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE WASHINGTON – “PRESIDENTS DAY” appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1515 - February 17, 2017 - Fake News, Very Fake News... Is Really Manipulation & Deception Against We The People!  President Donald Trump's Press Conference - "TRUTH" At The MSM Bias!  Melbourne, Florida TRUMP RALLY This Weekend!  President Trump Remembers The Forgotten Man - Let Him Now The Forgotten Man Didn't Vote AND Forget Him - Rural America Stand With President Trump! The post ALL RURAL AMERICA STANDS WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP…. EXCEPT PEGGY: FREE-4-ALL-FRIDAY – Forgotten Man appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1514 - February 16, 2017 - The American Forgotten People Are NOT Deplorable But Are Exceptional ~  The United States Of America's Liberty, Independence & Constitutional Republic Is Under Attack - We The People Are The Ones To Right The Faults And Make America Great Again - Bring America Home - Stand By President Trump & VP Mike Pence And Their Administration The post FORGOTTEN – DEPLORABLE – NO – WE THE PEOPLE ARE EXCEPTIONAL CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN; BRING AMERICA HOME© appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1513 - February 15, 2017 - Draining The Swamp, DC Occupiers, General Flynn, FAKE Media, Elizabeth Warren NOT A Feminist Hero - Russia, Democrat Party Is Causing A National Security Crisis!  Deportation Of Illegal Immigrant-Identity Theft & Fraud The post DRAINING THE SWAMP IS A FILTHY, DIRTY AND DANGEROUS JOB ~ STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP & VP PENCE appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1512 - February 14, 2017 - Jim Meskimen: Impressionist-Director Of Galaxy Press Audio Books - Battlefield Earth & Western Series The post HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY PATRIOTS! ESCAPING THE POLITICS ~ READ A GOOD BOOK! appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1511 - February 13, 2017 - 72 Terrorists From The 7 Nations Ban. Political Parties Battle - We The People Lose Liberty!  Obama NOT Going Away, Planned Parenthood Kill More Babies Earn Pizza Party!  Bake Sales For Abortions In Chicago ~   THERE'S A PARTY GOING ON - AND WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT HAVING ANY FUN The post 72 TERRORISTS FROM 7 BANNED NATIONS, PLANNED PARENTHOOD KILL MORE BABIES EARN PIZZA PARTIES appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1510 - February 10, 2017 - Thank A Farmer: "So God Made A Farmer"  ~ Democrats Going TOO Far - It's About Constitution NOT Political Power  FREE-4-ALL-FRIDAY!   The post SO GOD MADE A FARMER – FREE-4-ALL-FRIDAY! IT’S ABOUT CONSTITUTION NOT POLITICALPOWER appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1509 - February 9, 2017 - Angry Democrats-Socialists & Rino-Globalists HATE Americans For Electing President Donald Trump ~ Have You Lost Your Patience Yet?  Illegal Aliens/Immigrant FACTS! The post THEY MIGHT BE MAD AS HELL – BUT WE THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1508 - February 8, 2017 - Melody Cedarstrom of Discount Gold & Silver Trading ~ Our Economy, Encouraged, National Debt TOO Large, Buy Gold & Silver ~ BIG BANKER - Nothing is FREE the Taxpayers Pay for It All ~ Follow The Money The post FOLLOW THE MONEY AND THE WANT FOR POWER – BUY GOLD & SILVER appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.
1507 - February 7, 2017 - News Alert - The President Of The United States Is Under Attack!  Americans MUST Take Action Against The Radical Left, Globalists On The Right & Left......AND News Media Here & Around The World! These Are Serious Threats Being Made Against Your President - The post THIS IS A COMMONSENSE REALITY NEWS ALERT – AMERICANS TAKE HEED appeared first on CSC Talk Radio.