Sunday Collection – 12/23

John Boehner’s dead end relationship with GOP conservatives on being the architecht of the Fiscal Cliff, committee appointments, and vote of no confidence on Plan B. The other compromise that can never be is gun control. The left can never take away any or threaten enough the good people who want to keep guns. Tagg Romney says Mitt wanted to[Read More…]

Gang of 405 – 12/22

Mike Ohanian @lmelephantblog Amy Otto @CAAmyO Liz Harrison @GoldwaterGal Tami Jackson @tamij host. Special guest Matthew Boyle from Brietbart.com @mboyle1 discusses serious plan to oust John Boehner as Speaker. We also talk about the NRA breaking silence and reacting to the Newtown, CT school shootings.

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New Sons of Liberty – 12/22

Derrick Coleman @DerrickAColeman and Peter Leaman @PeterLeaman1 host. Young Conservatives talk about liberty, the Constitution and the events of the week. The fiscal cliff, rumors of John Boehner’s ouster, NDAA and indefinite detention, the NRA press conference,

Steven Crowder – 12/20

Steven Crowder – 12/20

THANKS TO STEVEN CROWDER! VIDEO IS NSFW/NSFK.  That’s how the unions roll… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w_ze-2r9c4 Self-explanatory. Police reports have been filed.  I NEED your support in posting/allowing me to discuss this unedited footage, as this is how we are going to flip the mainstream media on its head. Several points 1. The media has been complicit in supporting the unions violating the 1st[Read More…]

OpinioNation With Jon Rollings – 12/19

Jon Rollings @jon_rollings Bruce Carroll @GayPatriot Amy Otto @CAAmyO Mike Ohanian @Lmelephantblog host Topics include CT shooting, Tirade Time, the Fiscal Cliff, and the Bottom Line. Agenda driven reporting on CT shootings, anti-gun rhetoric. Tirade Time: Mike drags Time Magazine through the mud for deifying Barack Obama as Person of the Year. Fiscal Cliff is back on the table. We[Read More…]

Phil Cambre My long-time, good friend, Phil Cambre (@pcam) joins me to discuss the Newtown and Clackamas Town Center shootings and the knee-jerk reactions of the left to grab our guns and our 2nd Amendment rights. Phil and I say no! Phil’s known as a comedian, but he can be forthright on the serious topics–including clinging to God and guns.[Read More…]

Right War With Liz Harrison – 12/17

Liz Harrison @GoldwaterGal and Eye Desert @EyeDesertBlog host. Brandon Morse @CnservativePunk is special guest. Brandon is a Texan, CEO of Misfit Politics, videogame fan and Altcon in Chief. Brandon talks about the Merica, the animated series on misfitpolitics.com GOP image problem with Dick Morris knock offs and poor messaging compared to pop culture which backs progressives. A little bit of[Read More…]

Match Game Monday Night Premieres At 9PM EasternOn The 405 Radio Network GET READY TO MATCH THE STARS! Beginning Monday, December 17th at The 405 Radio Network, a brand new conservative radio show begins.  And this one will be fun, unrehearsed, unpredictible, irreverent, and possibly non-sober! Our panel of stars for the first show are: From The Daily Caller – Matt Lewis (@MattKLewis) From Breitbart.com –[Read More…]

Gang of 405 – 12/15

Mike Ohanian @lmelephantblog Amy Otto @CAAmyO Liz Harrison @GoldwaterGal Tami Jackson @tamij Jon Rollings @jon_rollings host. The latest on the shooting in Newtown, CT, and the predictable hue and cry for gun control from Nanny Bloomberg and the Mayor of Boston.  Problems with legal pot in Denver.  Sen Patrick Leahy wants 1 oz. legal nationwide. Steven Crowder getting threats.  The[Read More…]

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New Sons of Liberty – 12/15

Derrick Coleman @DerrickAColeman and Peter Leaman @PeterLeaman1 host. Today’s show discusses  cronyism (HSBC), Susan Rice, dropping her bid for Secretary of State, RGIII , ESPN Comment, ObamaCare (Democrat Senators are now seeing the tax increases included), Steven Crowder , Union threats on his families life,  Senate wants to get rid of the Filibuster option, Andrea Mitchell, said a couple of things that were just[Read More…]