Right War With Liz Harrison – 12/10

Liberals love to call conservatives “racist” every time they dare to say anything against Obama. As race baiting has become an art form over the past few years, the true issue of racial identity tends to get lost in the shuffle. And there’s always someone like Jamie Foxx around to add fuel to the fire with questionable comments on race[Read More…]

Gang of 405 – 12/8

Mike Ohanian @lmelephantblog Amy Otto @CAAmyO Liz Harrison @GoldwaterGal Tami Jackson @tamij talk Boehner rebellion, Jim DeMint exit from the Senate, JC Watts poking Reince, Pot is legal in WA, but can you toke and drive? Bonus segment! Pam from Ohio @WeepingSophia lights a fire about illegal immigration.

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New Sons of Liberty – 12/8

Derrick Coleman @DerrickAColeman and Peter Leaman @PeterLeaman1 talk about Boehner revolt, libertarians gone wild, Democrats and love affair with socialism, latest from Egypt, chemical weapons in Syria.  Detroit, Michigan, states rights, gun control, DeMint exits Senate

Gay Patriot Report – 12/6

 Bruce Carroll aka @GayPatriot from Gaypatriot.org welcomes Sam Rosado @SARosado and Brittney Morrett @BMorrett and discuses GOP outreach to Hispanics, Puerto Rico statehood, and more.

OpinioNation With Jon Rollings – 12/5

The best conservative talk radio anywhere! The Fiscal Cliff, 2014 elections, & Syrian chemical weapons. Of course, we end the show with the world famous ‘The Bottom Line’ segment. We talk about Bob Costas, Cory Booker, & training for the Zombie Apocalypse. Tune in & be smarter than everyone who is not listening!

Tami Jackson Show – 12/4

Tami Jackson Show – 12/4

 Tami talks to Yoni Tidi, who has studied and fought Islamic terrorism for 20 years. Also calling in was Lee Rodgers, USAF Maj Gen (Retired), MD, CMO North Central Baptist Hospital San Antonio, TX. My guest Tuesday night, December 4th, was Yoni Tidi, a friend and Orthodox Jew with 20 years in Special Ops and anti-terrorist experience with Israel, plus[Read More…]

Right War With Liz Harrison 12/3

Enlightening conservative conversation on Bob Costas, Harvard University, Alanis Morissette, and more. And for the fans of “The Activity” and “Who Is Jake Ellis?”, Nathan Edmondson will be joining us for a chat. So, set your reminders, and listen  to The Right War with Liz Harrison – the battle for America starts here.

Gang of 405 – 12/1

 John Stevens, author of “The Sissification of America – A Fifty Year Decline in American Exceptionalism” with Liz Harrison @GoldwaterGal Tami Jackson @tamij Amy Otto @CAAmyO Wayne Dupree @newsninja2012 joined by Jon and Brett Rappaport on Benghazi. The Fiscal Cliff. School voucher program court defeat in Louisiana.

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New Sons of Liberty – 12/1

Ben Cornaglia @bcornaglia591 sits in for Derrick Coleman @derrickacoleman and joins Peter Leaman @peterleaman1.  Topics include new Obamacare taxes, The Fiscal Cliff, Millionaires fleeing Britain, Senate Democrats pushing back on entitlement reform, the demonization of Grover Norquist.

OpinioNation With Jon Rollings – 11/28

PLAY MP3Jon welcomes Bruce Carroll @GayPatriot Amy Otto @CAAmyO Mike from Loudmouthelephant.com @Lmelephantblog AND SPECIAL GUEST Kurt Schlichter @KurtSchlichter.  Jon discusses a nasty comment from last week’s show, the entitlement culture in America.  Fiscal cliff talks.  Ambassador Rice Hearings.  And the World Renowned Bottom Line Segment.