Match Game Monday Night – 1/7

Match Game Monday Night – 1/7

GET READY TO MATCH THE STARS! This Monday night, JANUARY 7th AT 9PM EASTERN at The 405 Radio Network, the newest conservative radio sensation continues. And this one is fun, unrehearsed, unpredictible, irreverent, and possibly non-sober! Our panel of stars for the JANUARY 7TH SHOW: Host of “The Right Hook” on FTR Radio – John Brodigan From Breitbart.com – Mary Chastain (@MaryClimer)   From The WMAL Morning[Read More…]

Gang of 405 – 1/5

  Mike Ohanian @lmelephantblog Amy Otto @CAAmyO Liz Harrison @GoldwaterGal Tami Jackson @tamij host. The Man at the center of the #FireBoehner firestorm, Ron Meyer, Jr @ronmeyerjr from Americans Majority Action talks live about the beginnings of a humble hash tag to what became a social media, talk radio, and cable talk show mushroom cloud. On 1/4 Robert Costa of[Read More…]

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New Sons of Liberty – 1/5

  Derrick Coleman @DerrickAColeman and Peter Leaman @PeterLeaman1 host. Young Conservatives talk about liberty, the Constitution and the events of the week.

Gay Patriot Report – 1/3

  I’m going to power through this six-week old flu/cold thing and enjoy the show tonight with guest Todd Kincannon. If you don’t follow Todd on Twitter, you don’t know Twitter.

OpinioNation With Jon Rollings – 1/2

  Jon Rollings @jon_rollings Bruce Carroll @GayPatriot Amy Otto @CAAmyO Mike Ohanian @Lmelephantblog host Best and Worst: Non-Political Story of the Year, Person of the Year, Song of the Year, Film of the Year. The Bottom Line!

Gang of 405 – 12/29

Dick Armey cries to Mother Jones. How did he fool people as long as he did? We talk about GOP think tanks vs. Democrat ground-game-for-hire. Americans oppose “assault” weapons bans, but they opposed Obamacare even more and where did that get us? Can we trust the SCOTUS to overturn any more wrong headed and unconstitutional legislation, this time where the[Read More…]

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Real Guys Die on Threes – 12/27

  Robert Bork, Jack Klugman, and Norman Schwarzkopf. Maybe offensive to include one or the other two to the devotees of the other. But all American, and never a doubt as to their love of country and their service to fellow countrymen in their own ways.

Celebrate Me Home – 12/26

  Holiday greetings to the troops and their families.

Did Christmas Co-Opt Paganism -12/25

  Religious holidays often bring out those who protest about their pagan beginnings. Six years ago, Dr. John Barnett, of discover the book ministries wrote about both the biblical and pagan connections to Christmas:

The group Civitas coins the term as the title of its report on worldwide hostility toward Chritians, according to the UK Telegraph. And, little pop culture from 1965 on Christ in Christmas. Merry Christmas!