VIDEO – Dr. Perrodin shares entertaining anecdotes of tacky Christmas inflatables, his reasons for migrating to PodBean, tinkering with his new ZoomH4Npro, why virtual reality fieldtrips in schools will be all the rage and vulnerable to delivering political or social agendas and further painting formative years reconnaissance as being dangerous (this is spurious logic) and how singularity will save at least 30,000 lives in the US annually in just 25 years by decreasing vehicle fatalities by 90%. David also shares a lesser known life story of GM / Frigidaire founder William Durant, his fiscal, psychological and health collapses, and how his final years were spent flipping burgers at a bowling alley in Michigan.  And, of course, The Safety Doc unveils 8 lesser known findings of human behavior in disasters that don’t fit the mainstream narrative.  Listen, Learn & Save Your Life!