In the first 1/2 hour of The Tami Jackson Show* I will be talking to Kurt Schlichter.

Schlichter is the principal trial counsel of Schlichter & Shonack, LLP, and a graduate of Loyola Law School.

Kurt’s a veteran with a masters in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College, an Infantry colonel in the California Army National Guard and a veteran of Desert Storm and Kosovo, and a former stand-up comic.

Kurt has been published in the New York Post, Washington Examiner, Los Angeles Times, Washington Times, and elsewhere. He has also been a guest on Fox News, the Hugh Hewitt Show, and the Dennis Miller Show, among others.

He loves military history, red meat and the Second Amendment. His favorite caliber is .45.

Kurt is married to Irina,has two children, and lives in the South Bay Los Angeles area.

Kurt and I will have some fun discussing two of his recent columns at, “Let’s All Savor The Democrats’ Pervgate Pain” and Dating Tips For Prominent Democrats.”

You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Kurt expound on all things liberal — he has the knowledge, the humor, and the spine one would expect from an Army Colonel, to speak up and say the things that too many mealy-mouthed pundits won’t.

Prepare to laugh and feel good about being a conservative.

And remember to use the hashtag #Caring.


In the second 1/2 hour my guest will be Robert Alt.

Robert Alt is the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Buckeye Institute, where he also serves on the Board of Trustees.

Alt’s leadership has been the catalyst for The Buckeye Institute’s exponential growth since he took the organization’s helm in 2012. He has since founded The Buckeye Institute’s esteemed Economic Research Center and Legal Center, from which the Buckeye team not only imagines public policy victories but compels them with sound data, objective research, and strategic litigation.

Alt is a nationally recognized scholar with expertise in legal policy including criminal justice, national security, and constitutional law. Prior to heading The Buckeye Institute, Alt was a Director in the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies serving under former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III at The Heritage Foundation, where he regularly advised Members of Congress and Supreme Court litigants on complex legal arguments and strategy.

Alt is a frequent speaker at dozens of universities and law schools across the country, and his writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, New York Post, U.S. News & World Report, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and SCOTUSblog. Alt is a longtime contributor to National Review Online, where he has published more than 100 articles and blogs. He has provided commentary on CNN, Fox News Channel, PBS and its affiliates, and numerous syndicated radio programs.

In 2004, Alt spent five months in Iraq as a war correspondent.

Alt is an attorney admitted to the bars of Ohio and the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Sixth and D.C. Circuits, a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, the U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society, and a former Fellow in the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Claremont Institute where he was also a Publius Fellow in 1998.

Alt earned his J.D. from The University of Chicago Law School, where he was Symposium Editor and the winner of the Mulroy Prize for Excellence in Appellate Advocacy as well as Research Assistant to renowned law professor Richard Epstein. Following law school, he clerked for Judge Alice Batchelder on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Alt graduated with his B.A. in political science and philosophy magna cum laude from Azusa Pacific University where he won the Outstanding Senior Award in Political Science.

Robert and I will discuss his informative article, It’s Time For Public Sector Workers To Be Given A Voice And Choice.

As written in the article:

Every morning, hardworking men and women in every state drink their coffee and diligently go to work on our behalf—in our neighborhoods as public school teachers, home care workers, engineers, and in agencies protecting the environment. Unfortunately, while these civic-minded professionals go to work for us, the labor unions that they must join in order to teach our children or serve our communities do not always work for them.

Once a public-sector union is certified, it remains the workers’ representative—potentially forever. In Ohio, for example, the Columbus Education Association has represented Columbus public school teachers since 1968—back when the Beatles were still together and before many of today’s teachers were even born.

Heirloom unions inherited from the Nixon-era are depriving today’s public workers and civil servants of any meaningful voice or choice in their workplace. Ninety-four percent of union workers have never had the chance to vote for or against their unions

Read more at The Buckeye Institute’s project site Worker Voting Rights.

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