BC Steele is in studio with us this week!  He is joined by our usual cast of characters – Sorg and Larry.  And, hot off his video game weekend for Extra Life, Bobby F J-Town is live via the internets as we talk this week in wrestling, including:

  • Survivor Series – something we always seem to forget about until it’s upon us.
  • WWE is stepping up their game with Survivor Series by calling in some big names to be in-ring with the brand split.
  • There is buzz around this year’s Survivor Series – some good; some bad; but, legit buzz.
  • We’re breaking down some AJ Styles v Brock Lesnar.
  • What talent does WWE have in the pipeline to sustain them 5 years from now?
  • This may be the oldest Survivor Series talent line-up.
  • The Shield vs The New Day – We’re looking at a potentially good tag match.
  • We’re calling a Kurt Angle singles match by Wrestlemania.
  • Anyone else notice that WWE uses their own terminology – like “local medical facility” and “title held in abeyance?”
  • The Charlotte v Alexa Bliss match has the potential to steal the show.
  • War Games is coming. We’re sharing some thoughts.
  • The many faces of Alicia Fox.
    It’s time for this week’s Big Question: What is your favorite Broadway (long time limit) match? (Thanks Tina.)
  • The Ric Flair 30-for-30. We watched it. We’re talking about it.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?


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